Dr. Promodu present research papers / lecture at the 22nd World Congress of Sexology 2015

Dr. Promodu attends International Workshop at Oxford from 21st July to 7th August 2012

More than 100 penile prosthesis implant surgeries, More than 300 microscopic microsurgical varicocelectomies, Venous ligation surgeries, Microsurgical Vasoepididymostomies, Successfully treated 560 cases of unconsummated marriages, 417 vaginismus, 136 cases of male orgasmic dysfunction (Includes delayed ejaculation and anejaculation)....and many more...

The only multi specialty hospital in India exclusively devoted to the scientific diagnosis, treatment and research in the field of sexual dysfunction and male infertility

Dr. Promodu´s Institute of Sexual & Marital Health, Kochi, South India is established exclusively for the treatment of sexual problems. Common sexual problems we come across in Kerala, India are erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, male orgasmic dysfunction,, Fear of sexual intercourse, vaginismus, loss of sexual desire, dyspareunia (pain during sexual contact), unconsummated marriages, infertility (male infertility & female infertility) etc. We have done about 100 penile prosthesis implant operations during the last five years. Major methods of treatment for sexual problems are medicines, sex therapy, couple sex therapy, marital therapy, cognitive therapy, cognitive behaviour therapy, counselling etc. We give pre marriage / premarital counselling and sex education at Dr Promodus Institute.

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Dr Promodu in Kairali TV on sexual problems with special focus on
Vaginismus treatment
Treatment of Ejaculatory disorders

Programmed telecasted in Asianet :

Episode 1: Introduction to Sexuality, Alcoholism & Sexual Problems

Question:  "My sperm count is only 1.2 million/ml, active motile sperms-0%, sluggish motile-2%, dead-98%, morphologically normal-43%. Is there any treatment to correct this? We got married in January 2006. Since then we have been trying to have a baby. But wife didn´t conceive so far. We started infertility treatment in April 2007, consulted a Gynecologist at our place. That time my sperm count was 42 million/ml and motility (active) 11%. She gave ....    ...  ...."

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Dr. Promodu presenting lecture / research papers at the 22nd World Congress of Sexology organized by the World Association for Sexual Health at Singapore from July 25 - 28, 2015.

Dr. Promodu - Presentation at WAS 1.jpg Dr. Promodu - Presentation at WAS 2.jpg Dr. Promodu - Presentation at WAS 3.jpg
Dr. Promodu - Presentation at WAS 4.jpg Dr. Promodu - Presentation at WAS 5.jpg  Dr. Promodu with Dr. Kevan Wylie WAS President & Dr. Rosemary Coates 3.jpg

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Dr. Promodu presenting his research work at the 16th Congress of European Society for Sexual Medicine & the 12th Congress of European Federation of Sexology at Istanbul, Turkey, 31st Jan, 2014

Dr. Promodu is receiving the Silver Lamp Award from Dr. Kevan Wylie, President of World Association for Sexual Health and Dr Narayana Reddy, Cairperson Emeritus of CSEPI at the 30th Annual National Conference of CSEPI at Mumbai on August 23, 2014

drpromodu.jpg  Dr. K Promodu M Phil M &S P,Ph D
(Clin Psy)
Consultant Sex Therapist & Clinical Psychologist. A casual glance at the dailies reflects the various ills .....
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ravindran.jpg Dr. K Ravindran Nair MBBS, MS, M Ch (Urology)
Andrologist & Urologist, Medical Director 
Dr. (Col) K. Ravindran Nair did MBBS (1969) and M Ch Urology (1985) from Trivandrum Medical College and MS General Surgery (1978) from Armed Forces Medical College, Pune.
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email.jpgInstitution is situated in a serene atmosphere at Vaikom Mohammed Basheer Road, Pathadipalam, South Kalamassery, Kochi.
Ph: 0484 2555301, 2555304

E-mail: info@drpromodusinstitute.in
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