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      t^m-:- 04842555301,- 2555304,- 2555309,
      Helpline: 93875 07080.
      E-mail: info@drpromodusinstitute.in
      Web: drpromodusinstitute.in
      working time : 9.00 am - 5.00 pm
      Sunday Holiday
HELPLINE : +91 484 2555301, 2555304

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Mission And Vision

The Mission

Sexual health, a complex phenomenon with multi¬dimensional facets, is one of the fundamental aspects of life and is essential in the organization of society. When disturbed, it challenges the life of the individual, family and society. If sexual matters are left untreated, would escalate themselves into various domestic and social problems, as witnessed today.

The Vision

Promotion of sexual and marital health by the provision of clinical, educational and research services.


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