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Our patients regularly provide comments and testimonials on our hospital and services. Below is a sample of what our patients say about our treatment. Since Sexual problems and infertility are related to the privacy and secrecy of their personal life, most of them doesn’t like to publish their identity. Hence names are changed.

"LAST RESORT TO LIFE.......It’s been 8½ yrs of our married life. We were unable to do a proper intercourse......................"  Mrs & Mr. JAVED

 It’s been 8½ yrs of our married life. We were unable to do a proper intercourse. Initialy, my husband told me it happens to every girl and would change within weeks. As time passed the fear in me increased. I was even scared to approach the gynaecologist as they will physically examine me. My husband who has been my support system never ever had a fight on this issue - Touchwood. This made me worry and the situation became bad as I was wasting his life too. I restricted myself from socializing and started isolating as everyone asks of baby, treatment etc. Lost peace of mind and was mentally upset.

Finally, January 15th 2018, we found an advertisement of Dr. Promodu ‘s  Institute of Sexual  & Marital Health Pvt. Ltd . We dropped in,underwent counselling and was advised for a stay of two weeks .

 He assured us 100% success in his treatment. We were very well convinced with his treatment and gave a try.

Dr. Promodu guided and helped us throughout. It took completely 15 days for my fear to disappear and we did our first intercourse. We believed in them, more than ourselves. We wished we could have found Dr. Promodu much earlier.  Dr himself & sister Simi patiently answers all our questions, give us positive energy whenever we are down. All the staffs are polite and pleasant.

It’s a Lifetime favour for the money you spent. Thank God. And thank you Dr. Promodu for your wonderful job. May you continue this service with utmost health & prosperity, with the grace of God.  I wish many more patients with similar issues get benefited by Dr. Promodu.

Mrs  & Mr.  JAVED.

March 16, 2018

"....Now as a couple, we feel more comfortable in sharing each other’s desires and trouble. It has helped us to grow closer and become very intimate....We were able to solve the issue of lack of sexual desire. This has given hope to our romantic relationship & has revived our love. ......"  Anjali Rao & Adithya Rao


We have been married for 3.5 years. We were living in different cities after our marriage. When we started living together after 9 months, We experienced a certain discomfort in engaging in sexual intercourse. Due to the stress at work, sexual desire was slowly reducing. This led to other issues in marriage such as fights and frustration. The relationship got very strained. We have not engaged in a sexual intercourse for the past 1.5 – 2 years.

          We came to PISM Hospital to resolve the issue and to revive our relationship. With the therapy and counselling sessions, we saw a grate change within 10 days. Dr. Promodu mentored and guided us well. Now as a couple, we feel more comfortable in sharing each other’s desires and trouble. It has helped us to grow closer and become very intimate. We were able to solve the issue of lack of sexual desire. This has given hope to our romantic relationship & has revived our love.

Anjali & Adithya Rao


"“Everything should be alright” that was the only prayer in our mind when......But, EVERYTHING IS CHANGED, IMPOSSIBLE THINGS BECAME POSSIBLE............"  SM & AS


     “Everything should be alright” that was the only prayer in our mind when we came to Dr. Promodu’s Institute two weeks ago. It was a very difficult situation to explain the guilt feeling and internal pain what we had possessed in our 7 years of married life by not having any sexual relationship due to some kind of unexplainable fear or insecurity. But, EVERYTHING IS CHANGED, IMPOSSIBLE THINGS BECAME POSSIBLE......

      On the very first day, while talking with Dr.Promodu, he established a good professional relationship by explaining different situation he managed in his career. We decided to stay at the hospital and to have an attempt to solve our problem. Today is one of the good days in our life. The systematic and professional approach to the treatment for our sexual problems has proven the result.

      We could experience the true dedication and truthful care from Dr. Promodu and his staffs. I truly believe that God will send angles from heaven to help us when we face bad situations and challenges in our life. Again, let me say Dr.Promodu and his entire team of staffs are angles from heaven sent by the Lord to help us...GOD BLESS U ALL and let God give strength and guidance to treat the public who has problems like how we had.

     Special thanks to Mrs. Simi Nursing superintendent, Mr. Ashok Kumar, the PRO and the entire nursing staff from the bottom of our heart.

      13/12/2017                                                                                                                                                     SM & AS

"It’s been 1 ½ years after our marriage, during this period, we weren’t able to do a proper intercourse...........We are very happy and completely satisfied with the treatment......."  Mr. & Mrs. Salman

It’s been 1 ½ years after our marriage, during this period, we weren’t able to do a proper intercourse. I had the difficulty of erection only at the time of intercourse. We tried to sort it out by ourselves, but we couldn’t. So, we consulted a doctor, and they advised medications, which didn’t show any improvement. Later, we came to know about Dr. Promodu’s Institute, through our relative. We consulted him and we had a proper counselling, detailed check up by urologist and Gynaecologist for both of us. Since all the reports were normal, we were advised to have a sex therapy which is of two weeks duration. We got admitted and the treatment was really effective. During the later stage of treatment, we were able to have intercourse. We are very happy and completely satisfied with the treatment. All our issues were completely cured. We are grateful to Dr. Promod, as he guided us throughout the treatment and gave proper advices. All the staff treated us very well. We never had a feeling of being away from home, as it was like being at home. We will definitely suggest this institute for any sexual & marital problem for all.. Mr. & Mrs. Salman. 27th November 2017.

"Realization of Reincarnation......"  Vishnu Dev

Please do read the previous mail of ours (A Reincarnation). We are much delighted to share this precious moment of ours of becoming a father and mother. We are blessed with a baby boy on 13th of this month. It’s with tears of joy and fluffiness, we are thanking Dr. Promodu and his institute for their remarkable way of approach which paved the way for a complete U-Turn in our life which was heading to a complete devastation. Dr. PROMODUS’S INSTITUTRE OF SEXUAL & MARITAL HEALTH is the pioneer institute in India for tackling marital problems in the most scientific and sophisticated way. We are strongly recommending the institute for all those who are still struggling with their unexplainable marital problems. We are once again thanking Dr. Promodu and his institute for enabling us to lead a meaningful and joyful life. Mr & Mrs Vishnu

"“....Getting pregnant was herculean task for me, because I was scared of SEX, especially of penetration..... As all my visits to different gynaecologists not been fruitful I was on the verge of killing myself...... He guaranteed that I will be able to enjoy sexual intercourse as normal couples. .. Happy, elated, ecstatic and confident as never before, I will be a mother in the near future.......”......"  Archana, Bangalore

The Stress & Trauma

Everyone endures their fair share of sexual growing pains, but mine was especially agonizing and embarrassingly unique. My sexual difficulty made me feel inadequate and incompetent. It has been one of the most traumatic phases of my life, holding onto this embarrassing secret unable share my dilemma with anyone (not even my mother or sisters). I felt like a freak - felt guilty that I could not give my husband sexual pleasure. Not only did this put a lot of stress on our marriage, the desire to have a baby was the last straw which broke the camels back.

By April 2017, I was married for 3 years and 5 months and still nowhere close to been a mother. Getting pregnant was herculean task for me and that was because I was scared of SEX. Especially of penetration, the word itself was ample to drive me away. Though I did enjoy physical intimacy with my husband, when it came to actual penetration it was nothing but excruciating pain. With only my unfortunate and loving husband aware of my situation our dream and wish to be parents had hit a dead end. While the urge to complete the family was strong and our parents apprehensive to know why I was unable to conceive I was pressurised to consult an expert. I was petrified about the fact that I may need to seek medical attention to achieve this goal. 

The Unsympathetic Doctors

My first ever visit to the gynaecologist and I told her I was unable to conceive and that was due to my fear of sexual interaction and what I exactly felt. I broke down to tears while explaining the pain I experience when my husband tried to penetrate. Her first reaction was “are you aware unconsummated marriages can one the reasons husband can file for a divorce”. I was shocked not aware how to even respond. I was wishing and hoping she would rather check me anatomically, than provide her legal point of view. Though she did check in the end by inserting one of her lubricated fingers in my vagina and confirming the hymen is broken. Hence confirming penis penetration is possible, and I will have to tolerate the pain and I will be fine. This first visit the gynaecologist was least helpful to me.

My second visit to another gynaecologist was when I developed symptoms of PCOD. During my visits for treatment of PCOD I explained to her again, my fear of sexual interaction and what I exactly felt. I broke down to tears again while explaining the pain I experience when my husband tried to penetrate. She explained many girls go through pain during their first sexual intercourse and it was normal. To make me more aware of my genital area she suggested I insert my finger into my vagina and when I am comfortable I can try inserting a brinjal. What a bizarre and weird solution she recommended was beyond my imagination. Though she treated by PCOD efficiently she was also least helpful when it came to sexual problem.

My third visit to another gynaecologist was the most unpleasant ever. When she was made aware of my problem all she did was the below :

-          Yelled at me for been so childish. A 37 year old woman and saying sex was painful. According to her I had to endure the pain

-          Yelled at me for not understanding that I was way past my child bearing age and was losing the precious little time I had left.

-          Suggested I go in for IVF treatment immediately and gave me only 25% of chances

As all 3 visits to different gynaecologists not been fruitful and were the least helpful when it came to addressing my issue of FEAR of sexual intercourse. It was a dead end and not single ray of hope. I was feeling worse than ever before. I didn’t have a name for my disease or a shred of hope that I would ever enjoy a penis inside of me again.

I spent my nights laying awake in my bed feeling sorry for myself. All this increased my depression, had to quit my job, frequent fights with my husband, absolutely no interest is any sort of activity. I felt that I was being punished.

With only my husband aware of my issue and unable to seek any help from family or friends due to shame and humiliation I reached out GOD and begged him to show me the way.

The Self Realisation

.By April 2017 all I felt was disappointment, hopelessness and angry at myself. Unable to satisfy my husband sexually was the greatest disappointment followed by unable to conceive due to this fear of pain during sexual intercourse. Unable to analyse if the issue was anatomically or psychologically I was on the verge of killing myself when I stumbled upon an article on the web  which explained about ‘a painful condition that affected millions of women across the globe’........and there it was EUREKA.............. a medical terminology for my condition & it was VAGINISMUS.

The relief, the liberation, the answer, the support this one word gave me was equal to nothing I ever experienced before. Upon understanding what exactly are the causes or symptoms for this condition was. I started to search for doctors who treated this condition in India and there the first link which popped was Dr. Promodus Institute of Sexual & Marital Health. Oh....what a god sent answer.

The moment google popped up this institutes name I just felt all my prayers were answered and saw that small ray of hope.

The Treatment

After reading there were other women facing similar fears of pain during sexual intercourse just like me and Dr Promodu had treated them successfully, my husband and I were in Kochi to meet him on 24 April 2017.

During my first interaction with him, I poured my heart out; my fear of pain during sexual intercourse, my disappointment in not satisfying my husband sexually, my deep desire to be a mother. All he did listened to me patiently, which none of the gynaecologists had done previously. He responded ‘Give me 12-14 days and you will be treated’ and that was all the assurance I was looking for. He helped understand I was going through a condition which could be treated and there were hundreds of such similar cases. He explained in detail what VAGINISMUS the possible causes and symptoms. He answered all my questions, queries and doubts patiently. He explained I was absolutely fine, there was nothing wrong with me, but it was in my mind were all the fear was. Which none of the previous gynaecologists had even viewed from that perspective. He guaranteed that my husband & I will be able to enjoy sexual intercourse as normal couples. We were treated in their institute from18 Aug till 30 Aug 2017.

(I do not wish to go in depth of the treatment, but it was a wonderful soothing experience, even I didint realise each stage passed to cure.)

Post Treatment

Happy, elated, ecstatic and confident as never before. For the first time ever I am not petrified of pain during sexual intercourse. I am confident I will be a mother in the near future, and all Thanks to Dr Promodu. I felt GOD had answered all my prayers and it was a divine intervention in directing me towards this wonderful and efficient institution for treating my problem.

Dr Promodu successfully and patiently treated me for my condition and my husband and I are returning a lot happier and more confident as ever before.

It takes courage for women to seek medical advice for Vaginismus. Most gynecologists dont take these patients seriously, but it is worthwhile to examine it as a cause for infertility. The fact that many gynaecologists are clueless about this condition can just end up making a bad situation even worse. They will often pooh-pooh the womans concerns; or force her to subject herself to a painful, humiliating situations Many unsympathetic doctors will actually blame the woman for her problem.

But Dr Promodu is a pioneer in this field. His level of knowledge, his patience, his ability to understand the roots of the problem, his method of treatment, his integrity is highly appreciable. I wish I had consulted him much earlier. But nevertheless, my husband and I returning much happier and refreshed as never before. Thank you Dr Promodu, we pray to GOD he blesses you good health and happiness and may you reach great heights in your profession.

The Institution

ª  Staff Knowledge  5/5

ª  Staff Co-operation 5/5

From the minute we checked in (which was way past midnight) to the minute we checked out the level of care, commitment and responsiveness I received from each and every member of staff is highly commendable.

Friendly, Professional, Prompt, Pleasant, Smiling staff.

ª  Cleanliness  5/5

ª  Integrity & Respect 5/5

""......We have consulted countless doctors who told both of us are fine. Its so frustrating going to doctors that don’t understand.......... First and foremost is finding a doctor who understands your conditions and concerns........... We could achieve penetration with 2 weeks of treatment......... "......"  Sajith & Veena

I was married at the age of 21, while I was doing my post graduation. And now I have been married for 4 years. Initially I was busy with my studies and we enjoyed living together. As a person he was much better than me, very nice, gentleman, with very strong moral and religious values. Everyone told me its a blessing to get such a person these days. He was so understand even he said we will think about kid, only after completing studies and we even we avoided intercourse. But he was interested in me. We both were. But even after one year of massage, when I approached him I started a feeling of rejection. Like he was avoiding situations. Along with this I started receiving questions from public. Telling them, ‘Ya one year is over’, we are planning for a baby was just an excuse.  But the fact that I am still virgin and it was burning inside me. While parents started along all these offering in temple, I felt like what God can do?  if he doesn’t have an intercourse with me? Discussing about this always ended in fights and the gap between both of us started to develop. Even for 3 years we managed not to let the family Know about this. While consulting a gynaecologist, first time we say about the truth that we have difficulty in contacting and they give some suggestion. And later on they will continue the treatment assuming we are doing fine. But really didn’t even make a try. Even my husband, family forced me to go on with checkups like they want to find something wrong with me for not having kids. One day while all of them were planning to meet a new doctor, I told my husband at least let’s make a try, so that we can tell the doctor we failed. But he said his parents are forcing and he got nothings to do with it. Like I was making so much issue by resisting their decision. I felt like am unwanted person in that house. If he doesn’t want a family with me and want to cling on to his parents only, then what is my purpose in his life? I shouted out the truth and called my parents.

            Let my parents know everything, which made it worse. They told me to quit job to concentrate on having a kid. Even my parents told me it has been already too late and since he is having such a problem too let’s have a kid by IVF a kind of treatment.  I was confused. If he didn’t want to have sex will he really want a baby.  And I started already feelings him like a stranger, then why should I have kids. It makes so much stress after that. I went down so sad, always lazy at home, feelings unwanted. Even my husband’s family started using bad words like if not living together let’s go separated and my parent’s felt so shameful to have me back. Its good luck that we ended up here before a break up.

            Finding Dr. Promodu’s clinic and making an appointment was the best thing that our parents did. Of course the treatment was the best. We could achieve penetration with 2 weeks of treatment. Apart from that the homely atmosphere around here and the way treatment proceeds helped us a lot to understand each other and develop an intimacy between us. First and foremost is finding a doctor who understands your conditions and concerns. We have consulted countless doctors who told both of us are fine. Its so frustrating going to doctors that don’t understand.

            Dr. Promodu and team are the best in treatment of patients with sex related problems and give a lot of hope for patients who come to him loosing confidence. His concern for patients and the soothing way of talking sections was so much useful to overcome our performance anxiety. Since we have recovered now, we recommend this place for all other couple facing such problems.


""Any way we also decided to meet Dr. Promodu before taking a final decision for divorce.................... To our surprise we were able to engage in sexual act with at most satisfaction during our sex therapy and today we are leaving the hospital ......."......"  T & T

                                        We would like to keep our privacy hence will not reveal our identity. I am an I.T professional in California (USA) and my wife a house wife. Ours was an arranged marriage initially everything went smoothly but soon I started showing lack of desire  for sexual act and distanced  myself  from  my wife complaining  foul smell at vagina and also complained presence of  excess hairs on her body.  Actually this irritated me. Slowly even my wife started to lose desire for sex. And   thus problems started. We had come to Dr. Promodu’s   institute in December 2015 for the first time.  By then   we had completed   3 ½ years of our married life and also we had attended counselling at USA, to overcome these problems. We sat for 3 sessions, but no result.

               During our 1st visit to doctors at Dr.Promodu’s institute itself they had identified our problems. But we had to rush back to USA as I had no excess leave.

But again we reached Dr. Promodu’s institute in July, 2017. During  our stay at  California we were suffering from a lot of problems, both medical and psychological  and were not involving in sexual  act  for a long  period .

Most of the time when I showed   sexual desire my wife was not interested and when she showed desire I showed no interests. In this way our life became miserable and fights became a regular part of our day, to day activities. We decided to get separate. Any way we also decided to meet Dr. Promodu before taking a final decision for divorce as we had visited the hospital few years back. Doctor assured full support and result if we are willing to co-operate for sex therapy.

As a last step, before getting separate we got admitted to Dr. Promodu’s Institute. To our surprise we were able to engage in sexual act with at most satisfaction during our sex therapy  and today we are leaving the hospital  very happily understanding that need  of adjusting, and understanding our  limitation and  importance and role of proper sex in life.

 Thanks to Dr. Promodus Institute.

"And all was started by Dr. Joseph sir. We are very grateful to him for his referral and for providing this timely referral to sustain our marital life......."  Shyma & Rahoof


 I reached Dr. Promodu’s institute of sexual & marital health pvt Ltd at Ernakulam as suggested by our family doctor. But I did not expect much from here. I had reached hospital suppressing a lot of pain, and mental agony with me. It was with this pain, agony and frustration I had sat in front of doctor for my first consultation.

          But today I am leaving this hospital peacefully and joyfully.  It looks as if I have emptied all from my mind and heart and I am feeling very much relaxed.

          The hospital atmosphere, staff and doctors were very good and this was a new experience for me. Dr. Joseph sir from Little Flower hospital had directed us to this hospital. And all was started by Dr. Joseph sir. We are very grateful to him for his referral and for providing this timely referral to sustain our marital life.

                I did not know what I had to say to Dr. Promodu sir during our initial period of treatment. I was praying to almighty and weeping, but slowly everything changed. God heard my prayers and today I am leaving Dr. Promodu’s Institute of Sexual & Marital Health Pvt. Ltd, happily thanking all for understanding our problems and having supported us in the way that Dr. Promodu’s Institute only can do.

Shyma & Rahoof

27th July 2017

"“Words cannot describe how grateful we are for you” ......"  Mrs. & Maria

We are writing this review with praying hands. We are married for over three years and couldn’t have successful sexual intercourse. Tremendous mental pressure followed us throughout this period.  We were in dire need for a proper and genuine treatment but unable to find one. Ultimately by God’s Grace, We heard about Dr. Promodu’s Institute and approach them.

      As per their advice we underwent 2 weeks treatment at the institute. We got professional guidance from Dr. Promodu and Sr. Simi throughout the treatment period. They were able to diagnose our problems with the constant feedback sessions. As the treatment progressed, all our misconceptions were thrown off.  Day by day our anxiety levels got reduced. Finally by the Grace of God Almighty we were able to have successful intercourse on the 11th day of our treatment. We humbly thank Doctor and his team for saving us from the periods of isolation and loneliness. 

     During the treatment period, behaviour of the entire staff members made us a very homely feeling. Facilities provided in the institute are of very high class. Utmost priority was given to our privacy in the institute. We will remember forever Dr. Promodu, Sr. Simi and all staff members of the institute for their immense support and guidance and thereby giving a new light in our life.

     If there are couples facing similar issues they can approach Dr. Promodu’s Institute (PISMH) without any hesitation.


          30.06.2017                                                                                                                        Mrs & Mr. Maria. V       

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