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Our patients regularly provide comments and testimonials on our hospital and services. Below is a sample of what our patients say about our treatment. Since Sexual problems and infertility are related to the privacy and secrecy of their personal life, most of them doesn’t like to publish their identity. Hence names are changed.

"No one else might have experienced a tragedy like what we have suffered in our life. We got married on June 10th 1992..........."  Siby Abraham

I am proud to share my experience at Dr Promodus Institute with you. No one else might have experienced a tragedy like what we have suffered in our life. We got married on June 10th 1992. Both of us were born and brought up in traditional orthodox Christian families. Our knowledge about sexual matters has been very poor. First attempt of sexual contact was about one year after marriage. But we did not succeed even after repeated trials. I couldnt get sufficient strength for the activity. We consulted our family doctor. Gave me some medicines. But it didnt make any change. I took ayurvedic treatment for almost one year without any results. When the viagra came into Indian market, I tried it with the prescription of a physician. I felt severe headache, flushing of face and suffocation. Even with all that I tried it again 2-3 times. I couldnt withstand the side effects and stopped. We went to a nun sister for counselling who advised that "This is Gods wish and your fate. You have to live with it. There is no point in running after treatments which are not effective. Pray to God and accept your fate". Then we decided to stop all attempts and treatments and concentrated on our jobs to spent time. About one year ago my wife happened to see the site of Dr Promodus Institute while surfing in the net. After going through the details she told me that it appears to be different and scientific. We went through the site again.   That is how we decided to this hospital in January 2010. After consultation and investigations doctors told us that it is purely a psychological problem. It can be treated successfully without medicines. I couldnt believe it. But my wife compelled to undergo the treatment. I insisted for medicine. Doctors warned that "It will not help you" and gave the latest medicines for a week. It was not effective as the doctor said earlier. Then I decided to undergo sex therapy. I noticed the improvement from the 8th day and recovered within 3 weeks. It was more than a pleasant shock and surprise to us. We are blessed with a son.We are very grateful to the doctors and staff. This hospital is really a great help for the numerous people suffering from sexual problems and infertility.

"It had been close to 2 years since we got married. My wife & I had been trying for sexual intercourse since our wedding night (1st night). However, this intercourse was simply not happening......."  Mathews & SA

It had been close to 2 years since we got married. My wife & I had been trying for sexual intercourse since our wedding night (1st night). However, this intercourse was simply not happening.

Since we had planned not to have kids in the initial year, we didn’t think too much about our failure to have intercourse. But we kept on trying frequently. Even after 1 year, we couldn’t succeed on having an intercourse.

Not having an intercourse after 1 year is a taboo. We normally don’t discuss this with our friends or family – mainly because we worry whether they will help to solve it or make fun of us. Finally our parents came to know about this. They grew worried & started enquiring about probable treatments. We came to know of Dr. Promodus Institute from a website & also from a long term family physician. Dr. Promodu confidently said that he will cure this, but we needed two weeks inpatient treatment.

Dr. Promodu kept his word. Our problem was solved. Talking about the hospital facilities we found the room to be good. We didn’t feel like staying in a hospital. Also the treatment is very flexible – there is no control on the type of food to eat or the time or number of hours to sleep etc.  Also the staff is very friendly and prompt in their service.       

"A New Beginning - A New Life - ......From our experience we would like to advice that if you are facing the similar problem which we went through, there is nothing to panic and Promodu’s institute is the right place to make your sexual life possible which you might now think is impossible........."  Mrs & Mr. Abhi

We got married two and a half years back but couldn’t full fill a happy life which we started dreaming since we met and decided to live our life together. During our pre married days, we used to talk a lot about having kids and making our family bigger. During the initial days of our married life, we thought our sexual life was normal as we were happy with the foreplays, but gradually we realised that we were not able to do the intercourse. We were heartbroken and prayed to God to put an end to the sorrows. We constantly searched on the internet to find the best place where we could find all the remedies to the problems we faced. Blessed we were as God guided us to the safe hands.
    Dr. Promodu's Institute of Sexual and Marital Health (PISMH) was the right place to end the two n half years of our grief stricken life. We would definitely thank the persons right from the reception to the cleaner staffs who always welcomed us with a smiling face. We have never felt that we were under treatment as the stay was so homely. The interaction with the renowned and experienced Dr. Promodu along with the well trained nurse gave us a parental feeling and made our treatment possible with much ease. We will be always grateful to this "witty" doctor & all the support staffs for restoring our faith in marriage. The overall ambience of the hospital is highly commendable and has all the facilities and infrastructure demanded by the modern hospitals. The rooms provided were neat and tidy and met all our requirements. The cleaning staffs ensured that the rooms are cleaned on a daily basis.
From our experience we would like to advice that if you are facing the similar problem which we went through, there is nothing to panic and Promodu’s institute is the right place to make your sexual life possible which you might now think is impossible...

"We got married in a misty December. On that day, we were very happy.............When the penis got inserted to my vagina, I just pulled back with making a loud sound. Then my husband again tried to insert penis with force. At that time, I screamed loudly and quarreled with him. The same situations continued regularly at nights.............."  Anjana P

We got married in a misty December. On that day, we were very happy. On the next day after marriage, we just tried to do intercourse. But, we got disappointed. We both are interested in foreplay. When the penis got inserted to my vagina, I just pulled back with making a loud sound. Then my husband again tried to insert penis with force. At that time, I screamed loudly and quarrelled with him. The same situations continued regularly at nights. Then, I discussed all these events with my family. They decided to consult me with a gynaecologist. But I refused the vaginal examination when consulted the doctor. There after consulted another gynaecologist, while the same situations happened again.  At last consulted another gynaecologist with my husband near his home.  Again the vaginal examination got failed. Then, the doctor discussed about Doctor Promodu’s Institute of Sexual and Marital Health Pvt. Ltd and gave us the details of the hospital to contact.

            We thus reached Dr. Promodu’s Institute and discussed with him about all the difficulties.  After discussion with us, we decided to take a treatment with 2-3 weeks duration. 5 months later, we joined here and started treatment.

            On the first day, I felt more anxious and fear, feeling depressed. But in the second day my anxiety and fear got reduced. Gradually, I felt more comfortable and enjoyed the sex therapy. Day by day, my fear got reduced and felt more confident in sex. Eventually I had a pleasant feeling during intercourse.

            Now, I am totally confident to have sex with my partner. Thanks to Dr. Promodu and staff for all the support and guidance as hitherto.

Anjana P.

"Our experience. We came to Dr. Promodu’s Hospital after being treated for more than 9 years and were absolutely hopeless about becoming parents. Having a baby had become such a distant dream for us. Now me and my wife are very happy..............."  Mr & Mrs. Liju

We have been married for 9 Yrs 6 months. Our problem is we cannot do sex because my wife has pain when attempts penetration.  I don’t have any problems. After marriage we tried sex several times but she keeps her whole body very very tight and moves back.  We consulted many doctors,  gynaecologist & psychologists.  Many of the doctors give consulting,    none could examine her because she got severe fear. One of the gynaecologist examined her after making her unconscious with an injection. Did an operation to make her private part big so that we can do sex easily.  After that also we couldn’t do sex. Then consulted another gynaecologist who did some dilatation after making her unconscious by an injection. But there was no improvement. Then the gynaecologist referred us to this hospital.  Then we took appointment and first met Dr. Promodu. He said this is severe vaginusmus . He advised to stay here for 2 weeks for sex therapy. Then we admitted here on 13/06/16, and we were discharge on this hospital 29/06/16 after successful treatment. Now we can lead a normal sexual life.

We came to Dr. Promodu’s Hospital after being treated for more than 9 years and were absolutely hopeless about becoming parents. Having a baby had become such a distant dream for us. Now me and my wife are very happy. Honestly speaking without your support our life would have been in darkness. Dr. Promodu with his charismatic scientific treatment and assistance cured us very fastly, now I would like to express my gratitude & thanks to Dr. Promodu and his crew for their splendid job.  


12.07.2016                                                                                                    Mr & Mrs Liju


"scientific and beautiful procedure to end our 13.5 years of agony......."  Sivakumar & Sajitha

Congratulations Dr.Promodu and Staff, You have made an excellent, scientific and beautiful procedure to end our 13.5 years of agony. I am now carrying and it is my 4th month. Although we had consulted with different doctors and psychologists all along this period, they did not properly identify or diagnose the real problem. We just decided to visit Dr. Promodus Institute to test our chance again. But we were received differently. There was a panel of doctors to deal with different issues. The beauty of this hospital was the doctors identified the issue in the first sitting itself. My wife was suffering the problem of Vaginismus. We were explained the procedure to settle this out.  The confidence in us instilled when we happened to talk with one of the previous patients. We have noticed that every staff in this hospital was very cordial in dealing with all patients. The treatment was without even a single tablet (simple but scientific). As our confidence increased fear decreased. We were explained with different treatment options related with other issues. But the choice was left for us to choose best considering pros and cons of each option.

The most beautiful thing was the real fear of insertion vanished automatically even without her knowledge. The clinic functions as more of a resort than a hospital. Actually we have no words to express and gratitude to Dr. Promodu and Team of Doctors and Staff. We are thankful to you all throughout life. Finally we wish you all the best to start many clinics in different part of the country to reach out every couple suffering from various types of marital and sexual problems.  

Sivakumar & Sajitha




"Me and my husband came to Dr. Promodus institute during the month of august 2015 with a light of hope of solving our problems......."  Arjun and Vinaya

Me and my husband came to Dr. Promodu's institute during the month of august 2015 with a light of hope of solving our problems. Dr. Promodu carefully listened to my problems and we had a very good mindset after the interactive session with doctor. I was married in October 2013 and was very much excited when I got married. I had a lot of dreams like any other girl about intercourse and children. We were trying to have intercourse but it didn't go well. After a few months of marriage I missed my periods. We went to a gynaecologist. I was really shocked when she was unable to examine me. I was so much scared and restless when she tried PV examination. She was a bit angry about my non-cooperative behaviour. I was embarrassed and unhappy. She confirmed that we never had a successful intercourse after marriage. She suggested some hormone tests and gave tablet to get periods. But why am I unable to undergo even gynec examination remained unanswered. She advised to reduce fear about sex.

We had a confusion regarding what next and it ended up consulting another gynaecologist. She diagnosed that I am suffering from a condition called vaginismus. It sounded really strange to both of us. She gave me a counselling to avoid fear. She suggested examination my vagina with the aid of local anesthesia. But it was not a permanent solution for my condition. We made a lot of net search to understand about the disease. Since none of the doctors referred a proper treatment, we ourselves decided to consult a psychiatrist. We had a couple of sessions. After each session he used to give antidepressants for a week. Those tablets were sleepy and made me feel tired all the time. Psychiatric counselling was no way effective for me. Lack of correct guidance troubled us a lot.

We discussed our problem with family and some close relations. One of my relatives suggested to meet Dr. Promodu. We browsed his website and found lot of information about vaginismus. During our first meeting, doctor advised a three week sex therapy. Me and my husband stayed in the hospital. Sex therapy was really wonderful. I found that day by day I am feeling better. My anxiety and tension was reducing. Promodu Sir was really passionate and very friendly. I was able to follow all the steps advised by the doctor. Both the doctor as well as sister Simi who always assisted the doctor was caring and sympathetic. Various techniques to reduce tension and pain were taught very systematically. Constant love, understanding and support of my husband improved my confidence levels. Smiling faces of hospital staff and nurses made me feel comfortable. I never felt I am admitted for a disease. Canteen food was homely and tasty. We were able to have penetrative sex on 16th day of our treatment. Now we are really happy and thrilled.

It was only because of Pramodu sir's expertise and brilliance that a very uncommon disease whose name itself is unknown to many gynaecologists was treated precisely. We express our sincere gratitude to God almighty, Dr. Promodu and his team of experts. Pramodu sir you will be always remembered in our prayers. May god shower his blessings upon you!!!

"I was aloof, isolated disappointed indifferent and depressed. Now I am thrilled and extremely delighted......"  Vanitha

Let me introduce myself. I am Vanitha. I am 36 years old. I am sensitive and chicken hearted personality. I am suffering from phobia, mainly fear of sexual contact and sounds. Due to the fear of sexual intercourse I had to marry two times in my life. Though I was dedicated and workaholic women I became a failure in my marital life. I wanted to succeed in my marital life too. But I didn’t know how to? I believe in monogamy, unfortunately I had to accept two life partners in my life.

                           My first marriage was in 2002. He was from a well to do family. As a wife I couldn’t satisfy my husband’s needs. Due to this reason we led an isolated life. This isolated life separated us mentally and physically. I couldn’t   blame my parent’s action.  I put the blames   on my own shoulder. So I signed in the divorce paper without any complaints.

                            After the divorce I couldn’t face my family, friends or relatives.  I kept a distance with all. I confined myself in my own home. I was aloof, isolated disappointed indifferent and depressed. I consulted a psychiatrist. He encouraged me to study further. Slowly I recovered from my depressed state. What to say my mother started to show the sign of depression. I wanted to see my mother’s happy face. So I decided to marry again. One of my neighbors suggested a proposal. It was nice. He was fresh and a good man. At first I didn’t say anything about my sexual problem to him. One day I had to disclose. Hearing my sexual problems he didn’t become upset at first, instead he took the problem as a challenge. He promised me that he would find a solution for it. He was so supportive and generous. I was nothing in front of him. He was really a great man. He made my life as a fruitful one. He decided to treat me. First we consulted a Psychiatrist. He prescribed some pills. It was for tension and anxiety. But this attempt was an utter failure for us. Again we consulted the same psychiatrist. He was gentle and sympathetic. He sincerely wished to help us. But his entire attempt was utter failure for us. He suggested us to consult a gynecologist. She did a hymenectomy on me. But nothing changed my life. My family suggested us to consult an Astrologer. He said that I was under the influence of gandharva and Sarppa. We did Gandharva pooja and Sarppa pooja. But nothing could change me. After this we consulted a clinical psychologist. We spent 3 months there. She did psychotherapy on me. My husband was adamant in his decision. He disliked to withdraw. He decided to consult famous psychologist Mathew Vellore. He went to Thiruvananthapuram.  Actually Mathew Vellore stopped his consultation due to old age. Unknowingly my husband went to his home and met his son there. He suggested Dr. Gireesh, But we had to stop the consultations due to the inconvenience in travelling. Again we consulted the same psychiatrist whom I mentioned earlier. As a last attempt he suggested us to see Dr. Promodu.

                              I was in Dr. Promodu’s consultation room. I was diffident, tensed and panicked. I was haunted by a question. I was in a dilemma. I hesitated to ask such a question to him. But I couldn’t conceal my feelings. So I decided to ask. My question was that whether I could overcome my phobia. He smiled at me, mean while he phoned to one of his patients, she talked with me. Her words spread a ray of hope in my mind. To a great astonishment I met my old colleague and classmate there. She was suffering from the same problems. Thus I started my treatment.

                                   Now I am thrilled and extremely delighted. Dr. Promodu is like a god. As a god he helped me to help myself. I can enjoy my sexual life. Dr. Promodu taught me that to overcome your phobia you have to face it. Thus I faced my phobia with continuous practice. This practice made me perfect. I am thankful to god my husband and Dr. Promodu.                                      

"I could successfully overcome the miseries and tortures I had been suffering all these 7 years......"  Chithra

I was in a totally depressed state when I stepped into Dr. Promodu’s Institute on April -1 2015. I came here with my parents and husband. We consulted Dr. Promodu who heard my problems patiently and sympathetically. My marriage was in February 2008. After a few months we consulted a lady gynaecologist in our locality as I was unconsummated. She tried to examine me and I was very much scared during PV examination and I could not cooperate with her. We were shocked to hear that we never had a successful intercourse up to that time. She said that the fear will disappear after a successful intercourse and suggested a hymenectomy. But as I was scared did not agree for that. After two months we went to a famous endocrinologist and infertility specialist at Mangalore. There also I could not co operate with him. Seeing my scaring nature he shouted at me and asked me to get out of his consultation room. He screamed and shouted that he never had seen such a worst patient. I returned in a panic state. My parents and husband were so depressed. After a few months we consulted another gynaecologist. I faced the same situation again. He said that I am suffering from severe vaginismus. He advised my husband to take me to a psychiatrist. When met the psychiatrist he pointed out his assumption that I was sexually abused in my teenage or I was unhappy with this marriage. But I did not have any such problem. Refusing to believe that and tried in several ways to interrogate me and to take things out of my mind. He prescribed several antidepressant drugs also. As I was drowsy always after taking the medicine discontinued that treatment. Then my mother advised me to consult an ayurveda gynaecologist. She treated me for one year but all ended in vain. Then my parents took me to another gynaecologist. She also scolded me a lot. The nurses there laughed at me. They said that “Your husband will divorce you and you will be all alone in this world”. I and my parents came out of the clinic filled with tears. My father asked several doctors for solution but no one could give a correct guidance. One of the doctors said him to take me to a famous medical college where there is separate section for clinical psychiatry. We went there and took their treatment for six months. I was very much uncomfortable to sit in front of psychiatric ward. We went there for nearly twenty times and took several courses of relaxation techniques and drugs. But my condition was unchanged. After that we went to a famous infertility specialist at Kozhikode who screamed and shouted at me. He asked my husband to divorce me and shouted that “Mental hospital cell is the correct place for me”. That was the worst day in my life. I decided not to consult any more gynaecologist thereafter. I did not know what to do. Even I thought of committing suicide. I was simply searched in the net to find out whether any other person in this world was suffering from such a plight. Suddenly I came across Dr.Promodu’s Institute. I read a story of a patient who came across similar circumstances, suffering from vaginismus. I decided to go to this place as my last resort. We came here. He advised us for a three weeks sex therapy. I and my husband stayed in the hospital to undergo the treatment. To my surprise I found that my fear and anxiety was reducing day by day. I was able to co operate with all the steps advised by the doctor. No one misbehaved to me, not tried to criticize and humiliate me during the course of treatment. Thus without any torture and panic I could slowly get out of my problems. I could successfully overcome the miseries and tortures I have been undergoing all these 7 years. Now we are extremely happy and relaxed. We thank God Almighty and the whole team in Dr. Promodu’s Institute for their appreciable treatment.

13.06.2015.                                                                                                  Chithra & Harish

" Pramod sir is next to God for us.....helping me and my wife to recover from the disastrous marriage life filled with sorrow and helplessness......."  SAA

I thought of writing a feedback after we are blessed with kid, but every passing day after having undergone Promod sir treatment make it compelling to write a feedback. Promod sir next to God when it comes to giving normal life back to newly wed couples like me. Sir is beyond words. I pray and wish people like Pramod sir to exist for generations to come. I thank Pramod sir from the bottom of my heart for helping me and my wife to recover from leading a disastrous marriage life filled with sorrow and helplessness. No words can measure what Pramod sir has done to us. Thanks again and we will always remember you as long as we exist in this world. As of now Pramod sir is next to God for us. May God bless you. Thank you sir.


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