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Penile Prosthesis Implant Surgery

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Our patients regularly provide comments and testimonials on our hospital and services. Below is a sample of what our patients say about our treatment. Since Sexual problems and infertility are related to the privacy and secrecy of their personal life, most of them doesn’t like to publish their identity. Hence names are changed.

"After the implant operation my wife atlast felt that now we are really enjoing life......"  Lal

Daer doctor,
Today October 14 is one of the most important memorable day in my life, because my penile implant operation was on this date in 2013. Now I have completed just one year. I got my life, youth and my most beloved pleasure. I have taken upto 300 mg of viagra with out any effect except severe head ache and other discomfort. When I started with 50 mg 5 years ago it was very effective and I had to increase the dose up to 300 mg. But it was in vein. After the implant operation my wife atlast felt that now we are really enjoing life. Thanks to you and your team.
With best wishes
N. K. Lal 

"..... & your team, you are doing a wonderful service to the society. Keep up the noble work. Thank you very much......."  Mr & Mrs John

We have been married for 4 years but never had a sexual intercourse with my partner. So we decided to get professional help. We started browsing online and found Dr. Promodu’s clinic. We got an appointment booked and after consulting with him he suggested a therapy for 3-4 weeks. We were a little sceptic about the therapy initially but the doctor and the other staffs were so confident of the results that we decided to go ahead. The treatment included some normal exercises (in other words very stupid exercises and not sexual at all) but these can do wonders. Swear nobody in the world would have ever imagined. The doctor and nurses were very much helpful and approachable. We were out patients though most of the other couples per them were in-patients during that time. The service of the clinic is excellent and very systematic. The treatment has helped us a lot and we were not only able to have a successful intercourse but as I write I am 2 month pregnant too. Highlights - Zero medicine, Zero vulgarity and the most important factor Dr Promodu’s skills. He is one of a kind and the best. Doctor & your team, you are doing a wonderful service to the society. Keep up the noble work. Thank you very much.

"We had been married for 3 years and were unable to consummate ....Thank you.........."  A & M

We had been married for 3 years and were unable to consummate the marriage as my wife was always fearful towards penetrative sex. She always anticipated pain when ever we tried and we just couldnt do it. Initially we thought its the usual pain at first time, but later realized after consulting several doctors and psychiatrists that the problem is just the mental block resulting in muscle tightness. We were told that the condition is called Vaginismus, but nobody could help us resolve it. We came to Dr. Promodus institute as per our parents suggestion. Because of previous experiences with other experts, we were not much hopeful. However, Dr. Promodus confidence that he can get it resolved with 3-4 weeks Sex Therapy was something we had never seen before. So we decided to give it a try. Doctors guarantee that our problem can be solved acted as a further boost to us. Our problem was resolved in the time frame doctor gave us. We were so happy that we could have penetrative sex first time after 3 years of marriage and with Gods grace now we are expecting a baby within two months after the treatment. Doctors professionalism, understanding and reassurances to resolve our every day challenges is commendable. He helped us stop worrying and do one step at a time. Sisters support to us, who assisted doctor in the therapy, needs special mention. All hospital staff were highly coordinated and we never had a case of miscommunication between any hospital departments. Hospital canteen food was homely with good taste. Canteen person was very friendly and motivating. Thank you so much Dr. Promodu and team.

" I cant believe it I am going to be a mother................."  Sudheeshna Banerjee

Thank you doctor. Words not enough to expresss our gratitude and joy. I cant believe it I am going to be a mother. By the time we came to you my parents had already suggested for a divorce. Though he could not perform sexually, in the corner of my heart there was a little ove for him. That is why when when our kearalite friend suggested to come to you I agreed and my parents gave an ultimatum "This is the last chance". Luckly your team could find out the reason for my husbands ED and cure it. He had taken a tons and tons of medicines from different doctors. When the psychiatrist told that it is mental problem we couldnt believe. It a wonder that you cured it even without any medicines. Thanks to you and all your team sir. What we found it diffcult was 3 weeks long hospital admission. You should do something to cut it short. This is the only drawback we observed.
With best wishes.

"My wife was a severe vaginismus patient...many sexologist including the famous ..... could not sort out the issue ....we had penetrative sex by day 18........."  Arun

My wife was a severe vaginismus patient,we got married 04 years before.At first I thought her fear for penetration as normal,but a famous gynaecologist in Mumbai who couldnt examine her suggested a Fenton surgery for her.There starts our horrible journey of married life as her fear increased because of behaviour of doctors as many doc considered her problem as acting or they didnt consider it as a problem.Countless Gynaecologists and many sexologist including the famous Prakash kothari couldnt sort out the issue.I heard about Dr Pramodu before,but took the decision to get admitted by Jan 14.we got admitted by end jan and we were out of the hospital after successful treatment.No words to explain about the Doctor.His confidence cleared my wifes doubts about her recovery from the condition the first day itself.Head nurse was also very cordial and soft which made her comfortable day by day.In short we had penetrative sex by day 18.Excellent rooms and homely food make this hospital best in the country..Thank you sir you give us back our life

" ....when I had severe fear and pain he shouted and slapped me.....After a decade of long suffering it is miracle only by God’s grace that I recovered.........."  Padmapriya

Frankly speaking I was very upset when the Gynecologist from Laksmi hospital advised me to consult a psychologist or a psychiatrist. On the day of first consultation she had told me that the problem is due to my thick hymen and I would recover with an operation. Even after the operation we couldn’t have an intercourse. I was reluctant to consult the psychiatrist. Only due to the compulsion of my husband we met a psychiatrist. After taking his medicine I was feeling very tired and was sleeping the whole day. So I stopped it and consulted my gynecologist again. When we told that I couldn’t continue psychiatric medicines due to tiredness, she referred me to you. I was shivering when entered into your room but I was relieved when you told firmly that my problem can be treated and cured. Though I got a little confidence I was more worried as I knew that it is not a simple issue. My first marriage lasted for 9 years and 4 months till the death of husband in an accident in September 2010. Though we tried many times, all attempts were futile. I have decided not to go for a second marriage though all my relatives insisted for the same. At last I had to agree to see Mr. Suresh after listening to his stories from my aunt. I felt sympathy for Suresh, so I did not object. When he asked why I don’t have any children in my first marriage, I told him “I am fresh”. In fact I was aiming to give him a hint about my problem, I was ashamed to discuss more than this. But he couldn’t understand the meaning at that time. After marriage when I had severe fear and pain he shouted at me and slapped once. Many times we discussed about a divorce. But as it is a second marriage for both of us, we were not daring to talk it out. So we tried treatment at different hospitals. Out of desperation we thought of trying a last chance at your hospital. Now I cannot conceal my excitement having enjoyed sex for the first time in my life. I can never forget this day in my life. I told my husband “Today only I became a real wife”. When doctor promised that I will recover within 3 weeks I didn’t believe that.  We were skeptical about sex therapy also as we never knew what it is and what you are going to do. But I found that it was very soothing and reassuring experience. It is a wonder that I recovered and got discharged from the hospital on 18th day. Now our sexual contact is successful and satisfactory for both of us.

After a decade of long suffering it is miracle only by God’s grace that I recovered and able to lead a normal life like any other woman. Thanks to God almighty and the Dr.  Promodu for saving our lives. I have been keeping it as a secret. You may think why I am wasting my time to write all these in detail when nobody like even to remember such experiences again. Because till arriving at Dr. Promodu’s Hospital I thought that I am the only one on earth suffering from such a misery. Now I realized that there are other people too. So I thought of sharing my experience, if it helps at least another one like me I am glad. May God bless to give relief to all those suffering like I had.

"We are blessed with a son. Thank you sir. May Lord Krishna Bless You......"  Prajod

Thank you sir. Words are not sufficient to express our gratitutde. We are coming to you with our son Madhav. Today was his Choroonu at Guruvayur temple. We plan to visit you next month. May Lord Krishna bless you. Guruvayurappan brought us to you. We came to you in august 2012. I cant forget that day. We were brooding of even ending our lives. Fed up by questions from parents, friends and neighbours such as " It is whose problem? ......Actually who is at fault?.... She cannot have a child why dont you think avoiding her and go for a second marriage?. Life was a hell for both of us. My uncle Govindaraj found out your address and took us to you. After meeting all the doctors again we came to you. You are first person garenteed that our problem can be solved. Though we took treatment for almost 8 years, nobody gave a guarenttee. Though you told us it needs 3 to 4 weeks, our treatment was completed in 3 weeks. We couldnt believe the day we had our first sexual relations, in fact the actual first night. Thank you doctor. Thanks to all the doctors and staff of your hospital. May guruvayurappan bless all of you.

With respect and love
Prajod, Savithri & Madhav.


"Even after being married for 2 years we were unable to have any physical contact.............."  N & S

Even after being married for 2 years we were unable to have any physical contact with each other.It is during that time,that we came in contact with this institute.We were recommended to undergo Sex Therapy. We were skeptical at first but having undergone the therapy for a month, they were able to help us resolve the problems. The therapy involves certain exercises and procedures to help us to be comfortable with each other and to get rid of any fear or pain that we have regarding sex. Today we are delighted as my my pregnancy test is positive. Dr Pramodu and all the staff were very helpful during the entire course of the treatment. We would like to thank them for helping us .

N & S


"We have suffered for the past 14 years. I approached many doctors and counsellors, but none of them even understood my issue..........."  Asha

I didnt get an opportunity to say Thank You, thats why Im writing a mail.I feel its unfair if I dont share my thoughts too. You have helped me solve a problem of which I was worried about the past 14 years.

We have suffered all these years. I could not face the questions from people. As I have told U, I approached many doctors and counsellors for this,but none of them even understood my issue. A few doctors told me "you dont have any problem it is only your fear".But none of them could help me. I dont know how to express my thanks,its something beyond what words can do.

I did not show any excitement because of the stress I had been through over all these years and because I was a little worried last week. I had been quite irritating,that was mainly due to my fear and partly due to some other reasons.But your "extreme" patience alone has helped me.

It was very nice, interacting with you. My best wishes for your family life as well as career.May God bless you in making your dream projects come true very soon.

"......We are blessed with a daughter, Akhila. Thanks once again......"  Anand Krishnan

Thank you very much for the treatment we got from your hospital that helped us to lead a successful life which we always dreamt. We are blessed with a daughter, Akhila. Thanks once again for all the support you all have given to us.

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