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A reincarnation

We are a 3 ½ year old married couple from Trivandrum, Kerala. We got married after a very long period of committed relationship of 5 years. In those days we found our relationship as an epitome of love & affection. But soon after the marriage, there developed an unknown phenomenon to our relationship. Again we deserve each other very much, but our marriage was not fulfilled to its full extent or to its most meaningful extent. To be frank we didn’t establish a physical relationship. The irony is that, as every other couple we were also longing for that one precious moment, our wedding night to fulfill our longing desires. But as I mentioned earlier due to some strange unknown reason, we didn’t felt the necessity of establishing a physical relationship. That long desire of knowing each other become simply vanished to thin air. After a couple of years of our marriage there started the expected interference from our well wishers. Meanwhile we were simply lying to all our friends and family that we are in a family planning for a couple of years more etc. But somehow everybody came to know the truth and each and everyone took it as their right to interfere (sure for positive results) and their developed a real wedge between us and the later happenings even forced us to think for the extreme, a divorce. But may be because of the sincerity of our relationship, a friend of ours, Dr. Mary PR, a consultant psychiatrist in Trivandrum recommended the institute, Dr. PROMODUS’S INSTITUTRE OF SEXUAL & MARITAL HEALTH to us. Our 1st consultation with Dr. Promodu was surely with an uncertain & disturbed mind with a thousand doubts echoing in our minds. But soon after we talk with him, we both came to know that there is another more scientific approach to tackle our problem. We came to know that Dr. Promodu who is both a consultant psychologist and sexologist had the most sophisticated and scientific approach to deal with our problems. We got admitted in the institute in the mid of January 2017. He started the treatment on the very 1st day itself. The first thing I would like to mention is the ambience the institute has and the attitude of the staff members. We can felt the most professional approach to sexual problems especially in our present society where dealing with sexual problems is something like a forbidden one. During the whole course of the treatment he was accompanied by Sister who is very friendly and more like an elder sister. The treatment period was more like a honeymoon for us. Those fourteen days we spent in the institute was just like we were on a holiday cruise. Earlier we had a feeling of pride that we know each other than anybody else in the world. That bubble cracked soon after a couple of days and we began travelling back to our old loving days. THE INTIMACY WE HAD DEVELOPED took us to a whole new level of fulfillment of our relationship. Now to conclude that Dr. PROMODUS’S INSTITUTRE OF SEXUAL & MARITAL HEALTH had become our temple and DR. PROMODU had become our idol of worship. These are our true feelings. It gives us a refreshingly new meaning to our life and we are looking forward to live it to its fullest. Our contact details are with the institute and anybody can contact us for any further information regarding the treatment and we are strongly recommending this institute to those who are looking for a solution to their unexplainable marital problems which may be so unique and its our personal guarantee that Dr. PROMODUS’S INSTITUTRE OF SEXUAL & MARITAL HEALTH is surely one of its kind and once you are in you will definitely find yourselves in safe hands. Mr. & Mrs. Vishnu