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Sexology: Sexology is the scientific study of human sexuality including sexual behaviour, attitudes, sexual dysfunction/sexual problems and its treatment.

Sexologist: Sexologist is a specialist who deals with the various sexual dysfunctions / sexual problems and its treatment. 

Dr. Promodu's Institute is the first and only exclusive hospital in the field of sexology / Sexual Medicine in India with all the necessay facilities. Dr. Promodu's Institute is established by the well known Sexologist Dr. K. Promodu in January 1996.

Worried about the future of your marriage? Look no further….
Dr. Promodu’s Institute of Sexual & Marital Health, Kochi, (Kerala, India, South India) is established exclusively for the treatment of sexual problems. Evaluation and treatment of patients are done by a team of doctors comprising of Sexologist, Andrologist, Gynaecologist, Physician & DIabetologist, Cardiologist, General & Laparoscopic Surgeon as per the need. Service of Radiologist & Sonologist, Anasthesiologist are also available as per the requirements. So far (Upto February 20, 2018) we have seen 19864 cases with Sexual Dysfunction. Our previous analysis of data shows that from 31st January 2006 to 31st January 2012 a total of 12,718 new cases were seen. These patients belong to various diagnostic categories comprising of different age groups, genders, marital status, socio economic background, languages, cultures, hailing from different parts of the country and a few foreigners. Out of the 12,718 patients, 10,977 comprise of 9,605 (87.5%) men and 1,372 (12.5%) women had sexual problems (K. Promodu 2013, Conquering new frontiers in clinical psychology: the sexual medicine” Indian Journal of Clinical Psychology 2013 ).

Common sexual problems we come across in Kerala, India are erectile dysfunction (Known as erectile problems, erection problem, impotence, psychogenic impotence, male erectile dysfunction, ED), premature ejaculation (Fast ejaculation, quick ejaculation, early orgasm, PE), male orgasmic dysfunction (delayed ejaculation, anejaculation, ejaculatory in competenceanorgasmia), Vaginismus, loss of sexual desire, Dyspareunia (pain during sexual contact), unconsummated marriages, infertility (male infertility & female infertility) etc.

Unconsummated marriage (inablity to engage in sexual intercourse) is one of the major problems found in married couples in Kerala. In 10977 cases of sexual problems analyzed at Dr. Promodu’s Institute, Kochi, Kerala, 17.5% came for the treatment of unconsummated marriage (“Etiology of Unconsummated Marriages in India: Female Factors” – Paper presented by K. Promodu at the 16th congress of European Society of Sexual Medicine & 12th congress of European Federation of Sexology, Istanbul, Turkey, 2014). Vaginismus is found to be the largest cause of unconsummated marriage when consider the female factors alone. The oldest case of unconsummated marriage treated successfully at our Institute was of 15 years and 3 months duration. Happy and successful marriages are based on love, understanding and a healthy sexual life. Dr. Promodu´s Institute of Sexual & Marital Health helps you to solve all your sexual and marital problems by providing a multi-disciplinary approach in the treatment.

Analysis of 10977 cases of sexual problems treated at Dr. Promodu’s Institute, Kochi, India (south India) from January 31, 2006 to Juanuary 31, 2012 revealed a prevalence of 14% of infertility due to sexual problems. Out this ED (erectile dysfunction) accounts for 34%, vaginismus 16.75%, male orgasmic dysfunction (anejaculation, delayed ejaculation) 11.67%, marital discord (marital problems, marital conflict) 6.85%, sexual desire disorder 6.09%, sexual aversion disorder 2.91%, ignorance 1.64%, premature ejaculation 1.26% and others 18.52%.

Happy and successful marriages are based on love, understanding and healthy sexual life. Dr. Promodu’s Institute of Sexual & Marital Health helps you to solve all your sexual and marital problems with a multi-disciplinary approach in treatment. Even a cursory glance at the the daily newspapers will bring forth several problems in the society such as breakage of marriage, alarming rise in divorce rates, unwanted pregnancies, illegal abortions, sexual violence and tortures, sexually transmitted diseases etc. As the deadly disease of HIV threatens the society, child prostitution and trafficking is also on the rise.

The myths and misconceptions, biased thinking and faulty attitudes have led to an abnormal rise in these problems. It is found that sexual health problems are often behind the domestic and sexual violence.

In this scenario a centre committed to the intervention for sexual health problems has become a prime necessity. Sexual Medicine popularly known as Sexology is an upcoming field of medical science and Dr. Promodu is a well known sexologist in India and abroad. Dr. Promodu’s institute is a centre of excellence in the country offering marital therapy by qualified professionals. The centre carried out scientific investigations to detect the underlying cause of your problems and offer psychological, medical and surgical treatment for sexual health problems.