“It has been 5 years since we got married and our marriage remain unconsummated all these years……” Anu & Renjith

It has been 5 years since we got married and our marriage remain unconsummated all these years. My husband was working abroad. So there there was an initial gap in over sexual life. After six month we were re-united. Then we found difficulty in doing in penetrating sex. I felt pain each time my husband tried to perform sex. My muscles got rigid at that time.

Then we consulted a Gynecologist when we came for vacation. She said that there are no physical problems and advised me to relax during sex. She gave us some lubricants. But I was not able to relax and my fear came back when we tried again. I was feeling that severe burning pain every time .My husband tried to penetrate. Both of us went through mental trauma. My husband supported me in these difficult times. At last we decided to consult on gynecologist for under going IUI treatment under anaesthesia. She suggested me to perform hymanectomy after i did n’t co-operated for pelvic examination. She suggested it will increase my confidence. So we conducted hymanectomy. My gynecologist warned me that if the fear exists , then consult one psychologist.

The situation remained same after the operation. My fear was increasing day by day. After that we consulted two more gynecologists abroad. Both of them advised me to relax and co-operate. But every thing failed . Even though our sexual life was a failure, our love with each other was divine.After 5 years of marriage we happened to see Dr. Promodu interview in kairali TV about vaginismus and its treatment, After that we got the address of this hospital. On January 2019 we came here and consulted Dr. Promodu. He told me that this is completely curable and the treatment will take 2 to 3 weeks .We went back and came here after 3 months and started treatment. We stayed in the hospital it self. After 4 days of relaxation massage. I felt my body muscles totally relaxed from the fifth day penetrative treatment started.

At first i thought couldn’t complete the treatment due to my fear and pain. Then doctor and Simi sister consoled me and gave me confidence for the next one week.On the 18 th day we were able to consummate. This is possible due to constant support of Dr. Promdu and Simi sister , we will always be grateful to them through out our life for laying the foundation to our sexual life. We wish them all success and blessings.