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Loss of Sexual Desire in Women

A disorder characterized by a recurrent or persistent lack of desire for sexual activity. The major symptom is a deficiency or absence of sexual fantasies and desire for sexual activity. This is also known as hypoactive sexual desire disorder and affects both men and women.

The study conducted by Dr. Promodu’s Institute found that out of 1226 women with sexual problems 11% had a loss of sexual desire.


Psychological Causes

The level of sexual desire in each individual may vary. But normally all women will have a desire to engage in or enjoy sexual activity which is reflected in her attitude, fantasy and behaviour. Various cases may reduce one’s sexual desire. The common causes are the following.

Psychological Causes

Excessive anxiety and mental stress, depression, attitude towards the partner, interpersonal problems with the partner etc can affect the desire. Loss of desire may also an expression of hostility to a partner or the sign of deteriorating relationship. Marital discord is one of the most common reasons for cessation or inhibition of sexual activity in women. Abstinence for a long period may results in suppression of sexual impulses.

Desire also depends on adequate self esteem, ability to accept oneself as a sexual person, previous good experience with sex, the availability of an appropriate partner and a good relationship in nonsexual areas with a partner. Damage to, or absence of any of these factors may result in diminished desire.

Physical Causes

Hormonal imbalance is usually associated with low sexual desire. Hormonal levels may change as a part of ageing, other hormonal imbalances in the body like abnormalities in thyroid or prolactin levels. Other causes include chronic diseases, medications, drug abuse, lack of exercise, obesity, high cholesterol levels etc.


Life style modifications such as improve your diet, regular exercise, enough sleep, reduce alcohol intake, stop drug abuse, reduce mental stress.

Hormone replacement therapy if there is a hormonal imbalance.

Sex therapy and other methods of psychological treatment as per the indications are very effective if the problem is of psychogenic in origin.