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Male Orgasmic Dysfunction Treatment

Male orgasmic dysfunction is also known as male orgasmic disorder, inhibited orgasm, anorgasmia, delayed ejaculation, retarded ejaculation, anejaculation etc.  Male orgasmic dysfunction is a condition in which a man either does not achieve an orgasm and ejaculation or it is markedly delayed. Masters and Johnson reported an incidence of male orgasmic dysfunction of only 3.8 percent in a group of 447 patients. Male orgasmic dysfunction or delayed ejaculation is one of the major causes of male infertility.


Study conducted by Dr. Promodu’s Institute of Sexual & Marital Health Pvt. Ltd in a group of 13402 men sought treatment for sexual problems at the Institute shows that 2.99% are suffering from male orgasmic dysfunction.

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Study conducted in a group of 4003 cases of sexual problems in Kerala, South India by Dr Promodus Institute found 770 cases of infertility and out of them 12% had delayed or retarded ejaculation or male orgasmic dysfunction leading to male infertility in this group.


There is no medicinal male orgasmic dysfunction treatment or anejaculation / retarded ejaculation. Counselling is not effective. The only effective treatment is systematic sex therapy. In western countries it is a common practice to do sex therapy for the individual patient or for the couple. Usually it takes one to two years time and the improvement or recovery is not assured.

At Dr Promodu’s Institute we have designed a very effective short term couple sex therapy. Usually it is finished in 2 – 3 weeks time. However a few patients may need a follow up.

In a study at conducted at Dr Promodus Institute, Kerala, South India in a group of 137 cases of male orgasmic dysfunction , 50 patients underwent full course of male orgasmic dysfunction treatment . The recovery rate is 84%. That is 7 patients recovered within 2 weeks, 9 patients within 3 weeks, 12 patients within 3 months follow up period, 5 patients within 6 months and   6 within one year of male orgasmic dysfunction treatment. An overall success rate of 84% was observed during one year follow up period. A well qualified and experinced Sexologist or Sex Therapist can treat and cure male orgasmic dysfunction / delayed ejaculation.

Case History

Mr. Asharaf an engineer in Kerala govt service approached Dr. Promodu’s Institute 7 years of marriage. Though they had regular sexual contact his wife Naziya did not conceive as he could not ejaculate during sexual intercourse. He could neither ejaculate by intercourse nor by masturbation. Consulted and took male orgasmic dysfunction treatment from a few hospitals and doctors and passed almost 7 precious years of their life. At last he was referred by a urologist from Malappuram district in Kerala. We admitted the couple for 2 weeks and gave a short term sex therapy. He was improved and we discharged with certain assignments follow at home. Within a week Mr. Asharaf informed that he could ejaculate by intercourse. After 2 months Naziya conceived. Now Mr. Asharaf is the father of two children.