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Our patients regularly provide comments and testimonials on our hospital and services. Below is a sample of what our patients say about our treatment. Since Sexual problems and infertility are related to the privacy and secrecy of their personal life, most of them doesn’t like to publish their identity. Hence names are changed.

"After three and half years of our married life on the tenth day of our treatment we had sex. That was the most pleasant and happiest moment for us......"  Jasim & Shafeena

My name is Jasim and my wife is Shafeena. We have been married since August 2016 and we haven’t had a sex life throughout all these years until we came to Dr. Promodu’s Institute. It’s not that we did not want to do sex, problem was we can’t do sex and we don’t know what the problem with us . As this is a very sensitive and personal matter we couldn’t discuss this with our family or any of our friends. After 3 years my parents started questioning us regarding why my wife is not conceiving a baby. They started referring us to infertility treatment hospitals which we can’t go because we haven’t had sex between us, finally we went to many urologists and gynecologists but none of them couldn’t identify our problem. The last urologist we met referred us to a hospital in Ernakulam and suggested us to visit for Sex therapy and that hospital is Dr. Promodu’s Institute of Sexual & Marital Health. At first we didn’t have any confidence, but we searched the internet and comments about this hospital. Everything was positive and great about this hospital finally we visited here, met Dr. Promodu and he found out that we don’t need any medicine, and only sex therapy is needed. He gave us confidence and supported us to overcome this. At the beginning of this therapy we didn’t feel much difference. But when it came to the 4th and 5th day we felt the change and we explained our small obstacles we faced in between and the doctor had solution for everything. After three and half years of our married life on the tenth day of our treatment we had sex. That was the most pleasant and happiest moment for us. The hospital atmosphere and the staffs never made us feel that we are here for a treatment. The staff’s and nurses served us in a way that we are here for our honey moon trip and this hospitality and sex therapy helped us to overcome our biggest disappointment. All thanks to the staff nurses, head nurse Mrs. Simi jose and biggest thanks to Dr. Prompdu.

Jasim & Shafeena

"Falling in love is easy but staying in love is rare”…. we got married around our loved ones and well-wishers in summer 2014......"  Tara Sharma

"Falling in love is easy but staying in love is rare" This famous quote made sense to me in my very own love life. Meeting him was destiny and like any other love story, fighting all odds we got married around our loved ones and well-wishers in summer 2014.

We were so much in love, making us blind and unaware of our life beyond kisses and hugs. We moved to a new house, bought a new vehicle, went on numerous trips, outing on weekends, dinner after hectic schedule. time seemed to walk past our count. We were happy but we knew that we were missing out on something. I was happy playing the tune of us being called a lovely couple, as we addressed ourselves in public hand in hand, well dressed with "Sindhooram and Thalimala".

Things became cranky between us when we started hanging out with other married couples sharing their love making stories. Whereas, we started lying about our sex nights, which later got out of hand because we ran out of experience. We, our beautiful platonic love started distancing between us and we had reached a stage to call of our marriage. But, purely due to god’s blessing, we came across a doctor who believed to fix our marriage and our sex life. It was surely an embarrassing situation to consult a doctor in this era where sex is as casual as finding a perfect match in matrimony site. It was difficult to convince myself to admit and get treated which many believed could have been solved by trying repeatedly. But I wanted my marriage to work and we both decided to try our last resource.

I had misconceptions about visiting the doctor and the method of treatments. I had this weird thought on how we discuss the personal issues of marriage to a third person and how would a doctor intervene in our personal life and show us how we could get our physical and sexual life right. But to my surprise the first consultation with the doctor itself was a confidence booster. He explained the treatment and all the assignments that we need to do as part of the treatment are to be done by us without the intervention of the doctor. He would advise us on the assignments and take the feedback and advise path forward.

Today on the last day of discharge, I am narrating the best 2 weeks of my marriage life. Our half a decade marriage made all sense during our stay here. With such warmth and support we received from Dr Promodu also Simi madam to overcome our worries, pain and fear. I wouldn’t term it as a treatment, because it was more of a honeymoon with the right amount of love and care guiding us to overcome our depression.

I am disheartened not to leave this place, as I will be missing each and every staff from this institute who have helped us in our stay here. Lots of laughter and interesting anecdotes shared by Dr Promodu’s experience making us calm and joyful around hospital. Also the other staff who kept track on our medication by reminding us regularly. Not to forget our janitor making our room tidy and clean as new which made our stay pleasant as ever.

This experience has not just helped build our personal life, but a lot of generosity and humanity is also taught around here.

Tara Sharma

"Fortunately, after 5 long years of an enjoyable and emotional life which almost headed towards a tragic end, we decided to consult a specialist......"  Anirudh Sharma

People say men do not have feelings and they do not have suffering unlike women. There was a time I felt that maybe it’s true. I found the love of my life and we married in 2014 and like all other couple we had an amazing start to our marriage. But there was something missing. But the happiness from other events in our life masked the physical issues for some time. But when we were in social circle seeing other couples describe and display their romance and talk about their sex life, all we had were imaginations of our sex life. It is not that we haven’t tried. We tried and failed and finally gave up.

But the physical oneness was not there and this started affecting the other aspects of our life. I always believed that I was the tough guy who can absorb all the disappointment and sadness but I was wrong it was all my ignorance about sex. It was my ego and all the social pressure that I wasn’t ready to consult doctor/specialist for this issue.

Fortunately, after 5 long years of an enjoyable and emotional life which almost headed towards a tragic end, we decided to consult a specialist. We met Dr Promodu and got admitted at the institute. Unlike any expert whom we have consulted in the past, the consultation with Dr Promodu was crisp and straightforward also questioned about our sex problems. Initially I felt weird because of the assertive questions that were being asked but towards the end of the diagnosis I was convinced and confident when the doctor derived the exact problem about our sex life. He was confident about solving our issue and was also assertive about the method of treatment, equally being polite and respectful towards us. This also gave up much confidence and hope.

Along with the politest support staffs, Simi Madam and Dr Promodu Sir we ended up having successful sex after a series of structured assignments which we had to do on our own. This also saved us from the embarrassment which we thought we would have during the treatment.

Above all the time spend with my love which we could never spend for this long any time before our marriage made things better and more of a honeymoon than a treatment. I will always be grateful to this Institute and Dr Promodu for helping us.

Anirudh Sharma

"....married for 6 years.....not able to have sex as I was afraid of pain.... To my surprise I got confidence after eight days of treatment...... Now I completley recovered............."  Diya

We have been married for 6 years. But we were not able to have sex as I was afraid of pain. Penetration was completely impossible when my pelvic muscles get tighten. Though we were enjoying foreplay, when it comes to penetration. I always felt shivering and anxious. I was ashamed of sharing my situation with anyone else. After 4 years of marriage we decided to seek treatment. We consulted one gynecologist and she wanted to do a pelvic examination on me. But I didnt let her to examine as I was too much afraid. She advised me a lot. But noting could help me.

Few months later we met one more gynecologist. Some how she could manage to do pelvic examination despite of my pain. She told me that I dont have any physical problems and she suggested me to use dilator. But I didnt get courage and it made my situation even more worse. I was completely depressed and beame less confident.

In fact I didnt know what was my problem till I found an interview of Dr. Promodu about unconsummated marriage and vaginismus. I started searching to get to know more about this topic and I came to know about Dr. Promodus Institute. We decided to come to this hospital. We got admitted for 14 days sex therapy treatment. At the beginning doctor was reluctant and confused to treat me as I was very anxious and didnt think that the treatment would be successful.

To my surprise I got confidence after eight days of treatment. Doctor and simi sister helped me to get through all defficulties in each stage of treatment. Now I completley recovered of vaginismus. I never thought of this could happen. I hope that sharing my experience would be helpful to someone who is going through the same situation.


"helpess couple...unconsummated for 6 1/2 years...... every attempt failed...... I am penning down my personal experience.............."  Asha N

A clueless and helpess couple, whose marriage remaind unconsummated for 6 1/2 years, finally find a solution to their agony at Dr. Promodus Institute. This is how I would summarize my experience. This is not just a testimonial, but also a note of gratitude. No words will suffice to eplain how grateful we are to Dr. Promodu and sister simi. I feel I am back from the dead beating all the odds and my marriage survived. All thanks and credits to Dr.Promodu, an angel in disguise.

I am penning down my personal experience because I belive at least a few out there in the world who are experiencing the same situation like me will certainly relate somewhere to my experience. To start with, I was brought up with strict upbrining in a very conservative family. I was a confident bright student, and also was leading quite a successful professional life. I start with, I was brought up with strict upbringing in a very conservative family. I was a confident bright student, and also was leading quite a successful professionl life. I got married in Feb 2013 to the person I loved, with the blessing of my parents and family. Everything seemed to go well as per out wishes untill the night of our wedding when we found we were unable to engage in a sexual intercourse. I enjoyed the foreplay, but when my husband attempted to penetrate me, I pushed him away using my hands, held my legs together keeping my thighs tight. My husband was confused, but thought I might be stressed out, and asked me to relax.

Days and months passed by and every attempt to engage sexually failed because of my fear and heightened anxiety. Pressure started building up as we were confused not knowing what the problem was. I lost all my confidence and became reclusive. People we met asked about kids. Some even passed comments that what matters is how many kids we have, not how much we earn. I could say nothing, but nod my head in agreement faking a smile on my face. I was crying from within. My husband has been my supporting factor throughout though there were days when even he lost his cool and shouted at me. He would later feel sorry seeing my plight and console me. I felt guilty that I was ruining a good mans life. I also sometimes thought of ending my life, so that my husband who was so good to me atleast could get freedom from me. I never attempted ot do so because I was very scared and thats never the way.

We also visted many gynecologists seeking help and my first experience was dreadful. This meeting with the gynecologist infact exacerbated my fear and condition. She handled me very roughly. The pelvic examination she did was very disappointing. I shouted at the top of my voice. She blamed me before my husband and asked me to cooperate with him, else he would leave me and go behind other women. She dampened my spirits. I lost all my confidence. All subsequent consultations with other doctors ended up with nothing but asking me to relax and a presceiption of lubricating gel. No one seemed to understand my condition or provide a solution to my suffering.

Six and a half years passed by. One day I started browsing internet to see if I can find any solution. I read many articles. Finally, I could understatd that my condition could be defined and explained by the term "Vaginismus". My further research on the treatment methods and therapy centers landed me at Dr. Promodus Institutes website. I read the testimonials, patient reviews and also watched Dr. Promodus interviews on various channels. I felt this is where I might find a solution. I convinced my husband and finally visted Dr. Promodu.

I still remember the day when I met Dr.Promodu. I was waitng wtih my husbabd outside his consultation room. I happened to see a couple with smiling faces leaving the hospital premises. I whispered to my husband, When will I have a chance to smile like them. We entered Dr. Promoduss consultation room. He was very recepctive. After hearing patiently he stated "Nothing to worry, your condtion is treatable." Finally I received an assurance that I was longing for. He turned to my husband and told that "She is not to be blamed. She will be alright in no time". My husband was very happy to hear this. As we were not prepared for and inpatient stay, we decided to go back, make arrangements and to come back. Finally my treatment started on September 19, 2019. Intially, I was very anxious. But as every day passed by, Dr. Promodu and sister Simi decreased my fear and anxiety and helped me relax. We followed all the prescribed exercises religiously without fail. All the challenges could be dealt easily with Dr. Promodu and sister Simis support . To our surprise, we were able to have a sexual intercourse on the 11th day of treatment, and our marriage was consummated. It was the happiest moment. The next day when I met doctor and simi sister, I could not hold back my tears. I wept before them. I could hardly speak and did not understand how to thank them.

I am going to be discharged tomorrow. I am going to begin a new chapter in my life. I will always remain grateful to Dr. Promodu. He has been very caring and understanding throughout the treatment. He instilled confidence back in us. Sister Simi has to be mentioned epecially because she always assured us stating everything will be alright.

I would also like to thank the staff nurses, the house-keeping staff, the accounts mam, the lab technicians, and also the doctors whom we consulted there, Dr. Lakshmi, Dr. Jason and Dr. James. Everyone always posed a pleasant smile on their faces and was very supportive, which was an uplifting experience.

Also would like to thank Ashok sir, public relations manager, who could arrange our slot inspite of the busiest schedule of Dr. Promodu. His commitment towards his job is commendable.

Thank you, Dr. Promodu form the bottom of my heart. We want you to spread your service to other regions too and provide your care to the people suffering in silence. I would urge whoever is reading this and facing problems like we did, to please come here to this institute. I assure you would be hlped and treated as a human being not as a patient.

Thank you once again, Thanks to almighty who answered my prayers.

Asha N

"It has been 7 years since we got married and we were not able to do intercourse since these 7 years......"  M. Marwa

It has been 7 years since we got married and we were not able to do intercourse since these 7 years. We consulted many doctors for these 7 years, but the condition still remains the same. We thought my husband was suffering from erectile dysfunction, but all kind of tests were done for both of us it didn’t show any problem. At last we come to know about Dr. Promodu’s Institute from website and we consulted the doctor. We were undergone all type of tests and found ,physically ok. As per doctor suggestion we stayed in hospital for 12 days and all are problems are solved. Now we are able to have a good sexual contact we are very thankful to Dr. Promodu and Simi sister for helping us solve our problems, for giving us psychological confidence, and have a good intercourse.

M. Marwa

"It has been 5 years since we got married and our marriage remain unconsummated all these years......"  Anu & Renjith

It has been 5 years since we got married and our marriage remain unconsummated all these years. My husband was working abroad. So there there was aninatial gap in over sexual life. After six month we were re-united. Then we found difficulty in doing in penetrating sex. I felt immunise pain each time my husband tried to perform sex. My muscles got rigid at that time.

Then we consulted a Gynaecologist when we came for vacation. She said that there are no physical problems and advised me to relax during sex. She gave us some lubricants. But I was not able to relax and my fear came back when we tried again. I was feeling that severe burning pain every time .My husband tried to penetrate.

Both of us went through mental trauma. My husband supported me in these difficult times. At last we decided to consult on gynaecologist for under going IUI treatment under anaesthesia. She suggested me to perform hymanectomy after i didin’t co-operated for pelvic examination. She suggested it will increase my confidence. So we conducted hymanectomy. My gynaecologist warned me that if the fear exists , then consult one psychologist.

The situation remained same after the operation. My fear ws increasing day by day. After that we consulted two more gynaecologists abroad. Both of them advised me to relax and co-operate. But every thing failed . Even though our sexual life was a failure, our love with each other was divine.

After 5 years of marriage we happened to see Dr. Promodu interview in kairali TV about veganisms and its treatment, After that we got the address of this hospital. On January 2019 we came here and consulted Dr. Promodu. He told me that this is completely curable and the treatment will take 2 to 3 weeks .We went back and came here after 3 months and started treatment. We stayed in the hospital it self. After 4 days of relaxation massage. I felt my body muscles totally relaxed from the fifth day penetrative treatment started.

At first i thought couldn’t complete the treatment due to my fear and pain. Then doctor and Simi sister consoled me and gave me confidence for the next one week.

On the 18 th day we were able to consummate. This is possible due to constant support of Dr. Promdu and Simi sister , we will always be grateful to them through out our life for laying the foundation to our sexual life. We wish them all success and blessings.

"We came to this hospital for a sex therapy......It was for 14 days.......our problems were solved..... Now we leading a good sexual life......."  Naiju

Myself Prince John, working as a school teacher. My native place is Thrissur. My wife is Diana Baby, She is also a school teacher. Our marriage was on 7th May, 2017. After the marriage, we couldnt have a sexual contact. For the first year, we did not consider it as a serious issue because eventhough we did not have intercourse, we were having some sexual pleasure through different ways of foreplay. After one year, we identified that we had some problem. When we tried for intercourse, my penis was not getting erected. At the same time, my wife had fear also. We tried ourselves many times, failed. So we thought of consulting a doctor. For two months, we searched for a good doctor. Finally in july 2018, I came to know about Dr. Promodus Institute of sexual and Marital Health at Pathadipalam, Ernakulam, I came to know about this hospital through internet. I searched in the hospital website. I could see many good reviews. It gave me confidence. I visited this hospital in July 2018 and met Dr. Promod. After talking with him. I became more confident. Doctor assured that they can help us to have a sexual contact. In May 2019, we came to this hospital for a sex therapy. It was for 14 days. Through this sex therapy our problems were solved and we could have a good sexual contact. Now we leading a good marital life. We are very thanful to Dr. Promodu and his team for helping us to have a good and healthy married life.


""Words cannot describe how grateful we are"......"  Mrs & Mr. Maria. V

"Words cannot describe how grateful we are"
We are writing this review with praying hands. We are married for over three years and couldn’t have successful sexual intercourse. Tremendous mental pressure followed us throughout this period. We were in dire need for a proper and genuine treatment but unable to find one. Ultimately by God’s Grace, We heard about Dr. Promodu’s Institute and approached them. As per their advice we underwent 2 weeks treatment at the institute. We got professional guidance from Dr. Promodu and Sr. Simi throughout the treatment period. They were able to diagnose our problems with the constant feedback sessions. As the treatment progressed, all our misconceptions were thrown off. Day by day our anxiety levels got reduced. Finally by the Grace of God Almighty we were able to have successful intercourse on the 11th day of our treatment. We humbly thank Doctor and his team for saving us from the periods of isolation and loneliness.
During the treatment period, behaviour of the entire staff members made us a very homely feeling. Facilities provided in the institute are very high class. Utmost priority was given to our privacy in the institute. We will remember forever Dr. Promodu, Sr. Simi and all staff members of the institute for their immense support and guidance and thereby giving a new light in our life.
If there are couples facing similar issues they can approach Dr. Promodu’s Institute (PISMH) without any hesitation.

Mrs & Mr Maria.


"In these 10 years, we tried everything we could; right from vaginal dilatation to IVF. Nothing worked for us. .......we are going back completely cured of VAGINISMUS with 12 days treatment......"  Dr. Vineeth & Dr. Neha

With a history of unconsummated marriage of 10 years, we visited Dr. Promodus Institute, Kochi this year. Neither we could consummate our marriage nor we conceived.
We took 14 days treatment (Sexual Therapy) at Promodus Institute. Dr. Promodu's & sister simi's counselling sessions were immensely helpful. Dr. Promodu's Institute was our last hope and we are going back completely cured of VAGINISMUS with 12 days treatment and without any apprehenssion for sex.
Multidisciplinary scientific approach, clean premises, a very co-operative staff and high confidentiality makes Promodu's institute a highly recommended institute for all the couples who are facing problems in their sex life.
Coming to Promodus institute was the best decision we took for our marital life. Thank you sir for giving our married life a new direction.We always will be indebted to your institute.
Lastly I thank Mr.Nair,Sister Jolly,House keeping staff Rohini aunty for all the help and affection.
I have personally thanked Promodu Sir and staff. The reason I wrote this review is someone with a similar problem could read and relate to our story and know that there is a RAY OF HOPE.



Dr. Vineeth & Dr. Neha

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