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Varicocele Surgery

Surgery is the most effective method of treatment for varicocele. A variety of surgical and non surgical approaches have been advocated for varicocelectomy. They include minimally invasive procedures, such as laparoscopic varicocelectomy and transvenous percutaneous embolization, and the traditional open surgical approach (retroperitoneal, inguinal and subinguinal). To minimize possible complications the current standard is to perform open surgical varicocele repair with microscopic assistance known as microscopic microsurgical varicocelectomy.

Most people prefer to undergo the laparoscopic surgery due to its low cost, smaller 5mm wounds causing minimal trauma and pain, short duration of surgery, short duration of stay in the hospital and rapid recovery. But major disadvantage is the high recurrence rate. We have seen many cases with recurrence of varicocele within 6 months to one year of laparoscopic surgery. In retroperitoneal surgery the incidence of recurrence rate is 15 to 25%. In 7 to 33% cases post operative hydrocele formation will occur. In conventional inguinal approach recurrence rate is 5 to 15% and the chance for post surgical hydrocele is 3 to 30%.


The failure rate in microscopic microsurgical varicocelectomy is only 1% and chance of hydrocele is nil. Microsurgery allows selective ligation of veins and avoids damages to testicular artery and lymphatic structures and prevents post operative complications such as testicular damage, azoospermia and hydrocele. Other operative approaches, including laparoscopic varicocelectomy, are much less effective than microsurgery, and carry significantly higher complication rates.


Hence at Dr Promodus Institute we do only microscopic surgery for varicocele. To perform microsurgery it requires microsurgical training for surgeons, assistants, and staff. Operation theatre with adequate infrastructure and instrumentation is also necessary. When microsurgical varicocelectomy is performed by properly trained, skilled surgeons using appropriate techniques and methodology at centers of excellence, results are extremely good. At Dr Promodus Institute we have observed significant improvement in sperm count, motility and spontaneous pregnancy rates. To our surprise a few women who failed to conceive with ART methods like IUI, IVF and ICSI got pregnant spontaneously after their husband’s microsurgical varicocelectomy.


During the last 5 years we have done more than 500 microsurgical operations for varicocele in infertile men with successful outcome. Dr Promodus Institute has all the modern facilities and expertise for the treatment of varicocele.