Circumcision is a very common procedure done. In Islam and Judaism, neonatal circumcision is electively done. It is proven to prevent sexually transmitted diseases like HIV, HPV, HSV, syphilis etc.

Adult circumcision is usually done in following conditions:

1. Phimosis- In this condition there is tight distal foreskin which is difficult to retract. This condition may lead to balanoposthitis ( infection of glans and inner prepuce), recurrent urinary infection, difficulty in sexual intercourse and in long run can cause penile cancer.

2. Paraphimosis- In this condition the proximal foreskin is tight. Problem usually arises during sexual intercourse or masturbation the foreskin is stuck at the level of corona and becomes difficult to reduce.

3. Tight frenulam- Frenulam is a small elastic band of tissue which connects the glans to inner foreskin. In some people it is very tight causing curving of glans or causes severe pain or bleeding during sexual intercourse. In this case we have to do a frenuloplasty or circumcision.

So, circumcision may seem to be a simple procedure, but it has its own complications like meatal stenosis ( the urethral meatus becomes narrowed), non-stop bleeding from frenular artery, excessive skin removal causing pain during erection. So always better to consult an expert or specialist as it is an penis is an organ of utmost importance for your sexual life.