“Falling in love is easy but staying in love is rare” This famous quote made sense to me in my very own love life. Meeting him was destiny and like any other love story, fighting all odds we got married around our loved ones and well-wishers in summer 2014.

We were so much in love, making us blind and unaware of our life beyond kisses and hugs. We moved to a new house, bought a new vehicle, went on numerous trips, outing on weekends, dinner after hectic schedule. time seemed to walk past our count. We were happy but we knew that we were missing out on something. I was happy playing the tune of us being called a lovely couple, as we addressed ourselves in public hand in hand, well dressed with “Sindhooram and Thalimala”.

Things became cranky between us when we started hanging out with other married couples sharing their love making stories. Whereas, we started lying about our sex nights, which later got out of hand because we ran out of experience. We, our beautiful platonic love started distancing between us and we had reached a stage to call of our marriage. But, purely due to god’s blessing, we came across a doctor who believed to fix our marriage and our sex life. It was surely an embarrassing situation to consult a doctor in this era where sex is as casual as finding a perfect match in matrimony site. It was difficult to convince myself to admit and get treated which many believed could have been solved by trying repeatedly. But I wanted my marriage to work and we both decided to try our last resource.

I had misconceptions about visiting the doctor and the method of treatments. I had this weird thought on how we discuss the personal issues of marriage to a third person and how would a doctor intervene in our personal life and show us how we could get our physical and sexual life right. But to my surprise the first consultation with the doctor itself was a confidence booster. He explained the treatment and all the assignments that we need to do as part of the treatment are to be done by us without the intervention of the doctor. He would advise us on the assignments and take the feedback and advise path forward.

Today on the last day of discharge, I am narrating the best 2 weeks of my marriage life. Our half a decade marriage made all sense during our stay here. With such warmth and support we received from Dr Promodu also Simi madam to overcome our worries, pain and fear. I wouldn’t term it as a treatment, because it was more of a honeymoon with the right amount of love and care guiding us to overcome our depression.

I am disheartened not to leave this place, as I will be missing each and every staff from this institute who have helped us in our stay here. Lots of laughter and interesting anecdotes shared by Dr Promodu’s experience making us calm and joyful around hospital. Also the other staff who kept track on our medication by reminding us regularly. Not to forget our janitor making our room tidy and clean as new which made our stay pleasant as ever.

This experience has not just helped build our personal life, but a lot of generosity and humanity is also taught around here.

Tara Sharma