“Fed up… can’t tolerate any more. It wasn’t like anything I’d ever imagine, 6 years and 4 months… I ’m a man with flesh and blood, emotions…. NO SEX!” John boiled with anger and frustration, Julie blushed, gazing down with guilt and shame. Referred from the family court, both of them were in front of the doctor.
John had filed a divorce suit against his wife alleging unconsummation of marriage due to wife’s noncooperation. After the hearing and family counselling sessions, the court felt a professional evaluation is warranted and ordered the couple to undergo the same at Dr. Promodu’s institute of sexual & marital health. The hospital submitted a comprehensive report to the court within a week that Julie was suffering from vaginismus, a psychological problem, treatable and curable. Armed with expert opinion, the court had no hesitation in ordering for her treatment and dismissed the divorce petition. Despite fear of pain and bleeding while attempting coitus, she recovered fully within just three weeks of sex therapy. They are now living abroad happily with two children. 

Marriages are made in heaven, but marred on earth. Often we hear instances or witness marital discord culminating into torture or physical violence eventually leading to litigation and divorces. Sex being the key to all successful marriages, many a divorce is avoidable with appropriate and timely professional support.
The term sex means the biological characteristics that divide the human species into male and female. But we often use this term for defining the sexual behaviour or act. Sexual health is a complex phenomenon with multidimensional facets. Sexuality is one of the fundamental aspects of human life and is essential for the well being of society. When disturbed, it challenges the life of the individual, family and society. If sexual problems are left untreated, it can snowball into various domestic and social problems as is witnessed today.