Words not enough to expresss our gratitude and joy. I cant believe it I am going to be a mother. By the time we came to you my parents had already suggested for a divorce. Though he could not perform sexually, in the corner of my heart there was a little ove for him.

That is why when our kearalite friend suggested to come to you I agreed and my parents gave an ultimatum “This is the last chance”. Luckly your team could find out the reason for my husbands ED and cure it. He had taken a tons and tons of medicines from different doctors. When the psychiatrist told that it is mental problem we couldnt believe. It a wonder that you cured it even without any medicines. Thanks to you and all your team sir. What we found it diffcult was 3 weeks long hospital admission. You should do something to cut it short. This is the only drawback we observed.

Thank you doctor.
With best wishes.
 Sudheeshna Banerjee