“….married for 6 years…..not able to have sex as I was afraid of pain…. To my surprise I got confidence after eight days of treatment…… Now I completley recovered………….” Diya

We have been married for 6 years. But we were not able to have sex as I was afraid of pain. Penetration was completely impossible when my pelvic muscles get tighten. Though we were enjoying foreplay, when it comes to penetration. I always felt shivering and anxious. I was ashamed of sharing my situation with anyone else. After 4 years of marriage we decided to seek treatment. We consulted one gynecologist and she wanted to do a pelvic examination on me. But I didnot let her to examine as I was too much afraid. She advised me a lot. But noting could help me.

Few months later we met one more gynecologist. Some how she could manage to do pelvic examination despite of my pain. She told me that I don’t have any physical problems and she suggested me to use dilator. But I didnot get courage and it made my situation even more worse. I was completely depressed and became less confident. In fact I didnot know what was my problem till I found an interview of Dr. Promodu about unconsummated marriage and vaginismus. I started searching to get to know more about this topic and I came to know about Dr. Promodus Institute. We decided to come to this hospital. We got admitted for 14 days sex therapy treatment. At the beginning doctor was reluctant and confused to treat me as I was very anxious and didnot think that the treatment would be successful.

To my surprise I got confidence after eight days of treatment. Doctor and simi sister helped me to get through all difficulties in each stage of treatment. Now I completly recovered of vaginismus. I never thought of this could happen. I hope that sharing my experience would be helpful to someone who is going through the same situation.