“LAST RESORT TO LIFE…….It’s been 8½ yrs of our married life. We were unable to do a proper intercourse………………….”  Mrs & Mr. JAVED

 It’s been 8½ yrs of our married life. We were unable to do a proper intercourse. Initialy, my husband told me it happens to every girl and would change within weeks. As time passed the fear in me increased. I was even scared to approach the gynaecologist as they will physically examine me. My husband who has been my support system never ever had a fight on this issue – Touchwood.

This made me worry and the situation became bad as I was wasting his life too. I restricted myself from socializing and started isolating as everyone asks of baby, treatment etc. Lost peace of mind and was mentally upset.Finally, January 15th 2018, we found an advertisement of Dr. Promodu ‘s  Institute of Sexual  & Marital Health Pvt. Ltd . We dropped in,underwent counselling and was advised for a stay of two weeks .

 He assured us 100% success in his treatment. We were very well convinced with his treatment and gave a try.Dr. Promodu guided and helped us throughout. It took completely 15 days for my fear to disappear and we did our first intercourse. We believed in them, more than ourselves. We wished we could have found Dr. Promodu much earlier.  Dr himself & sister Simi patiently answers all our questions, give us positive energy whenever we are down. All the staffs are polite and pleasant.

It’s a Lifetime favour for the money you spent. Thank God. And thank you Dr. Promodu for your wonderful job. May you continue this service with utmost health & prosperity, with the grace of God.  I wish many more patients with similar issues get benefited by Dr. Promodu.

Mrs  & Mr.  JAVED.