I am asking this question for my 24 year old son. he had got married at the age of 24, the marriage lasted for 2 years.Till this time the girl had not allowed for any sexual activity. We questioned her about this and she was telling that my son is having erection problem and that is why sex was not happening.when i asked my son he was telling that any problem if at all present can be understood only if they had sex….according to my son she was just like a log of wood and most of the time avoided sex for some reason or the other.Also she was a very arrogant and badly behaved and was not at all interested in my son right from the beginning itself. Leave alone the sexual part , she was a total failure as a wife. Finally we have decided for a divorce. I want to know whether my son is actually having having any such problem or is the whole matter psycological before opting for a second marriage. Is it possible for such a checkup there and if yes what are we supposed to do. I cannot question my son deeply in this matter,but I want to know the actual problem.


Ans: Dear friend, When the whole problem was noticed the couple should have been brought for a check up and investigations. Probably a divorce could have avoided. Non consummation of marriage could be due to several reasons and problems either husband / wife or both together. You can get more information from the topic “Unconsummated marriage” from our website. Any how you have decided for a divorce. If you want to check whether your so got any sexual problems, we have all investigations for that. You can come with the son.