Patients review by Dr. Vineeth & Dr. Neha

For the last 10 years, we were in search of a long sought answer for our ‘Unconsummated Marriage’. We find it as our last hope to undergo a treatment at ‘Dr Promodu’s Institute of Sexual & Marital Health Pvt. Ltd.’, Kochi, Kerala.  Even though, doctors by profession, we were annoyed by the muttering of our relatives and family. To add to our woes, they asked more often as why not having kids, why our married life is incomplete?

Neha’s problem of ‘Vaginusmus’ was diagnosed from Mumbai, but there we couldn’t find any productive scientific treatment. So, we made a vast internet search for an effective treatment. Thus, we came across Dr Promodu’s Institute of Sexual & Marital Health Pvt. Ltd. and decided to visit after a rigorous study. It was perceived from the hospital website that a scientific and authentic treatment for all kinds of sexual disorders and problems were readily accessible there. Hence, we landed in Kochi in the month of June undoubtedly.

We underwent detailed evaluations by Sexologist, Andrologist& Gynaecologist. After sorting out all the problems they suggested the treatment plan and we underwent 14 days of treatment – Sex Therapy at Dr Promodu’s Institute. The sex therapy as well as counselling sessions by Dr.Promodu and sister Simi were immensely beneficial for us.  We are going back after completely cured of ‘VAGINISMUS’ with 12 days of treatment and without any apprehension for sex. Multidisciplinary scientific approach, clean premises, a very co-operative staff and high confidentiality makes this institute unique and highly recommended for the couples who are facing sexual problems in their life.

It was the best decision that we took to come to this Institute for our successful married life. Thank you sir for giving a new direction to our married life. We always will be indebted to your institute. Lastly I thank Mr. Nair, sister Jolly, Housekeeping staff Rohini aunty for all the help and affection. The reason I wrote this review is that someone with a similar problem could read and relate to our story and know that there is a RAY OF HOPE.