From our experience of treating thousands of patients with sexual problems from Kerala and outside, it is found that 99% of men complaints of small penis merely got an apprehension and doubt about the size of their sexual organ. It is only a concern, and not a fact. The size of flaccid penis is immaterial and it will keep on changing based on the atmospheric and body temperature. Most men worry about the size of the flaccid penis. The only published research study conducted in India on penile size is from Dr. Promodu’s Institute of Sexual & Marital Health which is published in the International Journal of Impotence Research (2007, 19,558-563). The mean erected length is found to be 13.01 cm with a SD of 1.62 cm.  The summary of this study is available at the Institute’s website ( and the full paper is available in the internet at the journal’s site.

One need not worry about the penile size. You may consult a doctor practicing modern medicine and can examine your body to alleviate your apprehensions. A lot of cheating and exploitation with false claim / advertisements of medicines / instruments to increase the size of the penis is happening. Hence public should guard themselves against such unscrupulous elements.