Frankly speaking I was very upset when the Gynecologist from Laksmi hospital advised me to consult a psychologist or a psychiatrist. On the day of first consultation she had told me that the problem is due to my thick hymen and I would recover with an operation. Even after the operation we couldn’t have an intercourse.

I was reluctant to consult the psychiatrist. Only due to the compulsion of my husband we met a psychiatrist. After taking his medicine I was feeling very tired and was sleeping the whole day. So I stopped it and consulted my gynecologist again. When we told that I couldn’t continue psychiatric medicines due to tiredness, she referred me to you. I was shivering when entered into your room but I was relieved when you told firmly that my problem can be treated and cured. Though I got a little confidence I was more worried as I knew that it is not a simple issue. My first marriage lasted for 9 years and 4 months till the death of husband in an accident in September 2010. Though we tried many times, all attempts were futile. I have decided not to go for a second marriage though all my relatives insisted for the same. At last I had to agree to see Mr. Suresh after listening to his stories from my aunt. I felt sympathy for Suresh, so I did not object. When he asked why I don’t have any children in my first marriage, I told him “I am fresh”.

In fact I was aiming to give him a hint about my problem, I was ashamed to discuss more than this. But he couldn’t understand the meaning at that time. After marriage when I had severe fear and pain he shouted at me and slapped once. Many times we discussed about a divorce. But as it is a second marriage for both of us, we were not daring to talk it out. So we tried treatment at different hospitals. Out of desperation we thought of trying a last chance at your hospital. Now I cannot conceal my excitement having enjoyed sex for the first time in my life. I can never forget this day in my life. I told my husband “Today only I became a real wife”. When doctor promised that I will recover within 3 weeks I didn’t believe that.  We were skeptical about sex therapy also as we never knew what it is and what you are going to do. But I found that it was very soothing and reassuring experience. It is a wonder that I recovered and got discharged from the hospital on 18th day. Now our sexual contact is successful and satisfactory for both of us.

After a decade of long suffering it is miracle only by God’s grace that I recovered and able to lead a normal life like any other woman. Thanks to God almighty and the Dr.  Promodu for saving our lives. I have been keeping it as a secret. You may think why I am wasting my time to write all these in detail when nobody like even to remember such experiences again. Because till arriving at Dr. Promodu’s Hospital I thought that I am the only one on earth suffering from such a misery. Now I realized that there are other people too. So I thought of sharing my experience, if it helps at least another one like me I am glad. May God bless to give relief to all those suffering like I had.

case history : Padmapriya.