“helpless couple…unconsummated for 6 1/2 years…… every attempt failed…… I am penning down my personal experience…………..” Asha N

A clueless and helpless couple, whose marriage remaind unconsummated for 6 1/2 years, finally find a solution to their agony at Dr. Promodus Institute. This is how I would summarize my experience. This is not just a testimonial, but also a note of gratitude. No words will suffice to explain how grateful we are to Dr. Promodu and sister simi. I feel I am back from the dead beating all the odds and my marriage survived. All thanks and credits to Dr.Promodu, an angel in disguise.

I am penning down my personal experience because I belive at least a few out there in the world who are experiencing the same situation like me will certainly relate somewhere to my experience. To start with, I was brought up with strict upbrining in a very conservative family. I was a confident bright student, and also was leading quite a successful professional life. I start with, I was brought up with strict upbringing in a very conservative family. I was a confident bright student, and also was leading quite a successful professionel life. I got married in Feb 2013 to the person I loved, with the blessing of my parents and family. Everything seemed to go well as per out wishes untill the night of our wedding when we found we were unable to engage in a sexual intercourse. I enjoyed the foreplay, but when my husband attempted to penetrate me, I pushed him away using my hands, held my legs together keeping my thighs tight. My husband was confused, but thought I might be stressed out, and asked me to relax.

Days and months passed by and every attempt to engage sexually failed because of my fear and heightened anxiety. Pressure started building up as we were confused not knowing what the problem was. I lost all my confidence and became reclusive. People we met asked about kids. Some even passed comments that what matters is how many kids we have, not how much we earn. I could say nothing, but nod my head in agreement faking a smile on my face. I was crying from within. My husband has been my supporting factor throughout though there were days when even he lost his cool and shouted at me. He would later feel sorry seeing my plight and console me. I felt guilty that I was ruining a good mans life. I also sometimes thought of ending my life, so that my husband who was so good to me at least could get freedom from me. I never attempted ot do so because I was very scared and thats never the way.

We also visited many gynecologists seeking help and my first experience was dreadful. This meeting with the gynecologist infact exacerbated my fear and condition. She handled me very roughly. The pelvic examination she did was very disappointing. I shouted at the top of my voice. She blamed me before my husband and asked me to cooperate with him, else he would leave me and go behind other women. She dampened my spirits. I lost all my confidence. All subsequent consultations with other doctors ended up with nothing but asking me to relax and a presceiption of lubricating gel. No one seemed to understand my condition or provide a solution to my suffering.

Six and a half years passed by. One day I started browsing internet to see if I can find any solution. I read many articles. Finally, I could understatd that my condition could be defined and explained by the term “Vaginismus”. My further research on the treatment methods and therapy centers landed me at Dr. Promodus Institutes website. I read the testimonials, patient reviews and also watched Dr. Promodus interviews on various channels. I felt this is where I might find a solution. I convinced my husband and finally visted Dr. Promodu.

I still remember the day when I met Dr.Promodu. I was waitng wtih my husbabd outside his consultation room. I happened to see a couple with smiling faces leaving the hospital premises. I whispered to my husband, When will I have a chance to smile like them. We entered Dr. Promoduss consultation room. He was very recepctive. After hearing patiently he stated “Nothing to worry, your condtion is treatable.” Finally I received an assurance that I was longing for. He turned to my husband and told that “She is not to be blamed. She will be alright in no time”. My husband was very happy to hear this. As we were not prepared for and inpatient stay, we decided to go back, make arrangements and to come back. Finally my treatment started on September 19, 2019.

Intially, I was very anxious. But as every day passed by, Dr. Promodu and sister Simi decreased my fear and anxiety and helped me relax. We followed all the prescribed exercises religiously without fail. All the challenges could be dealt easily with Dr. Promodu and sister Simis support . To our surprise, we were able to have a sexual intercourse on the 11th day of treatment, and our marriage was consummated. It was the happiest moment. The next day when I met doctor and simi sister, I could not hold back my tears. I wept before them. I could hardly speak and did not understand how to thank them.

I am going to be discharged tomorrow. I am going to begin a new chapter in my life. I will always remain grateful to Dr. Promodu. He has been very caring and understanding throughout the treatment. He instilled confidence back in us. Sister Simi has to be mentioned epecially because she always assured us stating everything will be alright.I would also like to thank the staff nurses, the house-keeping staff, the accounts mam, the lab technicians, and also the doctors whom we consulted there, Dr. Lakshmi, Dr. Jason and Dr. James. Everyone always posed a pleasant smile on their faces and was very supportive, which was an uplifting experience.

Also would like to thank Ashok sir, public relations manager, who could arrange our slot inspite of the busiest schedule of Dr. Promodu. His commitment towards his job is commendable.Thank you, Dr. Promodu form the bottom of my heart. We want you to spread your service to other regions too and provide your care to the people suffering in silence. I would urge whoever is reading this and facing problems like we did, to please come here to this institute. I assure you would be hlped and treated as a human being not as a patient.

Thank you once again, Thanks to almighty who answered my prayers.